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  • lady_caritas
    ... across A LOT of enlightening information. The only problem that I face is what to do with all the information that I possess. One part of me says share it,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2006
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Melissa McIntyre <oakraven71@...>
      > Hello everyone!
      > For a long time I have been studying theology, and have come
      across A LOT of enlightening information. The only problem that I
      face is what to do with all the information that I possess. One part
      of me says share it, another part of me says no, don't, people won't
      understand and not grasp what I am saying and will ridicule me. So, I
      am still left with the question, what do I do?
      > Well, one book has helped me along this journey and has been a
      very insightful book. If any of you want some self insight, this is a
      great book to read. It is called Secrets From The Lost Bible by
      Kenneth Hanson. It is a very enlightening book. Some of what he says
      I still having trouble believing but it is a great book for inner
      spiritual paths. One part of this book really stood out to me and I
      would like to share it with you all.
      > When we enter the World of Being, we establish a God's-eye view
      of the world. We learn to release the fears that keep us focused on
      materiality, judgments, hatred, and prejudice. Our actions become
      more meaningful. We are able to evaluate knowledge more effectively,
      transcending the bombardment of information that is so much a part of
      > The Lost Bible tells us that as human beings, we are truly spirit
      beings---having sprouted from the divine seed. While the book of 2
      Enoch goes on to recount the story of Adam and the fall from grace,
      we need to consider above all what this "psuedepigraphical" work
      tells us about ourselves and about the value of the human being. In 2
      Enoch God adds details not found in the book of Genesis;
      > "For Adam, I created a wide-open heaven, in which he could see
      the divine angels, as they triumphantly sing. There was also a light
      that can never be extinguished, which was always burning in Paradise.
      Even the Evil One understood that I wished to create an entire world,
      over which Adam could rule."
      > We may agonize over whether we believe in God, but it is clear
      that God believes in us. If we can only clear away the cobwebs in our
      minds--glimpse that wide-open heaven--we will understand that our
      potential is unlimited, and our powers are multifold. We always have
      options. After all, look who we have as our Source. The first step
      toward reaching our potential is of course to change our focus from
      the physical to the metaphysical, to let the breath of the Eternal
      fuse with our own.
      > After reading this, just this morning I may add, it gave me the
      enlightenment and the courage to start speaking out. I have only
      really shared my views and opinions with my husband. When I read this
      book, it feels like it is talking to me directly, crazy as it may
      sound, but I believe God is talking to me through this book. It is a
      great and exhilerating feeling. If you haven't already read this
      book, you must. It is wonderful. So, I will end right now because I
      know how people don't like to read long winded emails in groups. So
      take care and have a great day!!!
      > Melissa

      Hello, Melissa. I haven't read this book by Hebrew scholar Kenneth
      Hanson, but from what I read about it in the link you give in your
      succeeding post (#12831), _Secrets from the Lost Bible_ covers large
      ground, including a wide variety of extracanonical literature from
      apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, Kabbalah, the Dead Sea scrolls, in
      addition to some Gnostic writings.

      As you continue reading, Melissa, be sure to share with us any
      insights related to our more specific focus of historical Gnosticism.

      Keeping that in mind, I would like to comment that in Gnostic
      writings, the creator god, the "demiurge," was not considered
      the "True God" or ultimate Source. If you and others would like to
      read further, here is an article by Stephan Hoeller regarding the
      subject of Genesis you introduce:

      How might this article compare to the treatment used in Dr. Hanson's

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