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Re: A Personal Introduction

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  • marinas_snake
    Fascinating dream! Marina ... the ... climb ... side ... other ... numinous ... ever ... to ... received ... me ... Although ... springs ... go
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 4, 2006
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      Fascinating dream!


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "i_eat_pi_at_314"
      <i_eat_pi_at_314@...> wrote:
      > Many years before I ever knew what gnosticism was, I had a
      > dream. There's this impossibly high rock "finger" jutting up from
      > ground. I began to climb it. I occasionally pass human bones which
      > have ossified and blended into the stone surface. There's no
      > vegetation, just igneous-like rock.
      > I eventually leave the clouds far below me. I'm very near the
      > top. Just as the blue sky begans to darken, I find a decapitated
      > snake. It's body is wiggling and the tongue continues to flicker.
      > Somehow I know to stick the head back on the body. The snake then
      > crawls up a narrow path to the top and into the sky. I start to
      > after it. I slip on the snake's deciduous skin and fall over the
      > into the gloom. Then I abrumptly woke up.
      > This dream has more religious significance for me than any
      > experience. No sunrise, no thought, nothing has ever been so
      > or poignant. The dream remains enigmatic, yet the feel of the stone
      > and the snake's cool muscular body were as real as anything I've
      > touched. It's more vivid than most of my so-called memories.
      > As with many, my introduction to gnosticism was Elaine Pagel's
      > book "The Gnostic Gospels." I grew up in a protestant church which
      > frowned on charismatic insights. I never knew the early church had
      > fought against religiously significant dreams such as mine. I was
      > taught that God spoke through an established canon which was then
      > filtered by community standards of truth. Pagels showed me that
      > direct revelation from God was historically possible.
      > Was my dream a revelation from God? Ironically, the inability
      > answer this question clearly makes me wonder all the more. I
      > no message; there was no moral chart encoded in stone on the
      > mountain. Yet, it's as if my whole body participated in the dream,
      > not just my head. That's the one time in my life when I felt
      > "whole". My church had claimed that only Jesus Christ could endow
      > with wholeness, integrating my spiritual and carnel selves.
      > I've not climbed that mountain in years, I know it's there. That's
      > enough to debunk orthodoxy for me.
      > I have access to an academic library which has an extensive
      > collection of books on gnosticism and related topics. Still, I lack
      > people with whom I can discuss the ideas I read about. Even as
      > misanthropic a gnostic as myself needs a community of like-minded
      > believers. That's why I'm giving this group a try. Gnosticism
      > from the border town between light and darkness. It's dangerous to
      > there alone. Perhalps there are those willing to go with me.
      > Sincerely,
      > A New Member
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