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Re: Old vs new - Who decides?

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    Hey Steve ... afraid I m not.
    Message 1 of 97 , Aug 2, 2006
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      Hey Steve

      >>>Hi Karl. My goodness, you are precise in your thinking! LOL! I'm
      afraid I'm not.<<<

      I think neither of those statements are true. I do try my hardest
      though, and try to be honest when I know I fail. ;)

      >>>OK, I'll bite. How, exactly, do you think that the Sethians
      defined the word, "gnosis"? Don't worry, I'm not trying to debate
      this, since I really don't know exactly what they might have meant.
      Maybe you could give us a 30-second "sound-bite" spelling-out, in
      plain straightforward language, what AOJ meant by the word.<<<

      I have to be honest here, I don't think AOJ is the best example. I
      think, to some extent, it is a popularization (especially the long
      version). I think in the AOJ we really do have to depend a bit more
      on hermeneutics to extract the soteriology, while in other texts it
      is much more direct. In fact, we may ask whether the book still
      maintains some Gnostic attributes, in that on one level it seems to
      imply that everyone will eventually be saved anyway.

      Still, in the end it is quite clear that the book places a pretty
      special emphasis on the importance of recognizing the cosmogeny. The
      big debate that starts the book is indeed dealing with this very
      attribute. This is one of the primary things I listed previously as
      consistantly connected to the concept of "Gnosis". There is no
      question that the "Light" one must seek is the rememberance of
      the "Pronoia" in this text... the rememberance of what the
      cosmological outlined looked like before the fall.

      I DO think, though, that we should not use this text to define the
      category. Instead we should think about much more explicit texts and
      then question the relation of the texts that may not be so direct.

      Well, perhaps I should get back to this question later. This last
      month we have had fires and floods and all those little things that
      take more time than one would like to spend on such uninteresting
      ventures *lol*. Maybe you could outline your thoughts on the matter
      a little further, and if you feel the basic attributes I previously
      presented are a fallacy of the category itself, or of specific texts.

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      Michael ... G/gnostic?
      Message 97 of 97 , Aug 20, 2006
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        >>>How could one ever conceive of Garnerian Wicca being in the least

        Er... my point exactly.

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