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The Early Church and Gnostic Thought

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  • George
    To PMCV: Such a large post! Let s see if I can give it justice. You write: Do you mean we need one term? How about movements that call for a ... I find this
    Message 1 of 97 , Jul 16, 2006
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      To PMCV:

      Such a large post!

      Let's see if I can give it justice.

      You write:

      "Do you mean we need one term? How about "movements that call for a
      > raising of the spirit".

      I find this to be a rather incomplete definition.
      The term needs to include at least half of the forms of
      Christianity. Don't you agree?

      You write:
      > Making a category that is overly inclusive is generally frowned in
      > academic practice, since it can too easily be used to gloss and
      > misrepresent."

      This is pretty much my point. Outsiders and insiders seem to
      obscure the common gnostic thread in much of modern religion.

      You write:
      > Whether there was a line between Christianity and Gnosticism is
      > something historians are still debating."

      Would this be a debate on this particular list? Which Christian
      sects of the early Church would NOT have been gnostic?

      This may be the crux of our discussion!


    • pmcvflag
      Michael ... G/gnostic?
      Message 97 of 97 , Aug 20, 2006
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        >>>How could one ever conceive of Garnerian Wicca being in the least

        Er... my point exactly.

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