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  • Dick Richardson
    I agree Cari, books have their place in the scheme of things, so too does one-on-one verbal communication; for without which each generation would have to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 15, 2006
      I agree Cari, books have their place in the scheme of things, so too does one-on-one verbal communication; for without which each generation would have to discover the wheel all over again for themselves. I have written a number of them myself about the mystical gnosis event, its effects and its implications for things yet to come beyond the river Styx, so to speak.
      But in them I warn readers not to believe these things, for settling for belief does not produce the living effect of the experience of this mystical gnosis and the mystical reunion with our ground of being during a lifetime here. Thus, even the books which are for real on this phenomenon are but hearsay for them until they find it for themselves.  But one who does not know these things will never know which books and texts were correct and which ones were not. And it is upon this existential psychological dichotomy for them that such things as priestcraft bank on and can survive by. Therein lays the rub my friend; and it has been exploited for at least eight thousand years; and long before the days of the Pharaohs and the Pyramids of Egypt. Cave men knew it - true, they could not write :- )  But they sure knew how to waffle and cause effects :- )))) 
      Anyway, a good analogy is like talking to a man about eating a good meal - what good does it do a man to read a book about food, when food is required to be eaten. No man can eat and digest another's food of experience for them - they have to each go there alone - as it is on that inner journey to the ground of our being beyond the veil of moving time and changing events.
      But books on other things are just fine, for they can be proven right or wrong whilst still here. So, no problem with them. Read a few good books on chess and you will soon become a reasonable chess player - but read all the books on the mystical gnosis and you will still not know it - not until a person has been there. Some have, and most have not whilst alive on earth. Pity that, for it is well needed and long overdue here. And may all the Bishops of priestcrafty rot in the nauseas dungeons of their own twisted minds.  And Amen to that. Give spirituality back to the people; for that is where it belongs and what they are made of, whether they know it yet or not. The only demiurge or fly in the ointment of mass spirituality on earth is Priestcrafty and their goddamned religions.
      Dick Richardson.
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      > Hello, Dick.  Thank you for your response.  I feel from your reply
      > that you were probably addressing the original author of
      > questions, "GP."  I was only responding to her post,
      too.  That said,
      > the ancient Gnostics would have surely considered
      the mystical
      > experience to be an essential ingredient in the process of
      > but not without the Intellect to critically interpret the
      > as I mentioned in a recent post of mine.  Books may or
      may not help
      > people, and I agree they don't provide the reader with a
      > mystical experience.  But I don't believe that is the
      intention or
      > purpose of books.  At best, they can offer food for
      thought and open
      > gateways for discovery, even in the process of
      > These expressions just happen to be in written
      form and bound in
      > paper (or found online), instead of being uttered by
      someone over
      > coffee sitting around a table of friends or lectured in a
      > or offered in a Yahoo group.  We might not even know
      much about the
      > Gnostics if they hadn't recorded their ideas and
      > Cari
      > --- In
      gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Dick Richardson" <rwr@...> wrote:
      >> Re, "Some Questions"
      by Cari.
      >> Hello Cari, I
      sometimes come on this list too for a while to see
      > the thread of
      existing thought on Gnosticism as it becomes a bigger
      > and wider
      bandwagon by the passing of each new year; and being once
      > again taken
      over more and more by Christianity as they took over
      > everything from
      the times when anyone who was not a Roman was
      > considered a Barbaric
      Pagan - including the Pagan Celtic Yule Tide
      > celebration of the return
      of the light at mid winter :- )
      >> However, your gut feeling
      that you do not really belong here in
      > time and space is a gut feeling
      which is substantiated by the
      > mystical cognitive event known as either
      the mystical REUNION Event
      > or the Mystic Death and Resurrection Event.
      This cognitive event is
      > rare in terms of individual experience per
      capita of the population,
      > but it does arise in new each
      generation.  The mystics who encounter
      > this event obviously use
      their own national or cultural words to
      > define the knowledge which that
      experience reveals. Some in the
      > Western world have called it gnosis, or
      the mystical inner wisdom
      > (Sophia) or whatever. But you will find this
      has little to do with
      > the cultural belief systems which are now going
      under the name of
      > Gnosticism. Gnosticism is now a bandwagon term for
      what anyone wants
      > to believe about anything and has become made useless
      and redundant
      > by virtue of which.

      Keep in mind that religions come and go, and millions walked from
      doctrinal Christianity after the first world war, and they are still
      doing so.  But they look for another religion instead of looking for
      > that deepest inner transcendent mystical experience which in the West
      > some call Gnosis.  Gnosis is a personal inner experience of the
      > part of our self which exists in the ground of our being.  It
      is not
      > as old as Christianity it is as old as cognitive Minds and
      humanity -
      > probably apes and pussy cats too. It is the root ground of
      > being - that part of YOU which remains when all else of
      > goes. The human mind is a trimorphic (three inner levels or
      > enfolded dimensions) phenomenon.  The deepest inner level of
      > consciousness being is not a man or a woman, it is not even a
      > temporal phenomenon; it is primordial cosmic mind - primordial
      cognition. Hence the saying Gnothi Seaton - Know Thy SELF.

      >> This does not mean know the personality or
      the rational discursive
      > mind, nor does it even mean know the inner
      manifestations of the
      > depths of the psyche, it means know that part of
      you which is
      > experienced to be eternal and unchanging in the ground of
      our being -
      > from whence we, MIND, come from - HOME; Eternity. We are on
      > world for a while (and wonderful it is too if they did but see it)
      > but we are not made here - only the body and all the temporal bits
      > are made of this physical world and this physical universe.  We
      > not existence here and in this freedom, without a body. But all
      > which we are is still there within one and firing away working
      > whether one becomes consciously aware of it or not during a lifetime.
      > But it is good and effective to know that part of our self whilst
      > alive on earth - for we know what we are and from whence we come and
      > as to why we exist. The Mind is ever tied to the cross of Time and
      > Eternity - fact, we experience it directly and live

      >> But modern day Gnosticism does for all
      this what a bullet in the
      > head does for ones wellbeing whilst we exist
      here on earth. And
      > religion and beliefs are not spiritual experience -
      let alone the
      > deepest known spiritual experience which some call the
      gnosis. But a
      > rose is a rose by any other, and a name does not alter
      what IS  ASIS.

      >> Best not look in books
      for it - but ssshhhh; because they love
      > reading books about life
      instead of living it; and authors know this
      > well enough - they are like
      lambs to the slaughter of commerce and
      > money :- ) You cannot learn and
      live life from a book, let alone find
      > this deep inner mystical gnosis
      event. Ipso Facto. But your
      > subconscious gut feelings do not lead you

      >> Regards and good inner hunting. Gnothi
      >> Dick Richardson.
      >> Depth Psychology,
      Physics and Metaphysics.
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