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Re: spiritual experiences

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  • bkimbell98
    Darkchyle, Thanks for responding. My experience happened in response to a prayer about my then 16 year old who was deeply depressed - I was unable to reach
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 9, 2006

      Thanks for responding. My experience happened in response to a
      prayer about my then 16 year old who was deeply depressed - I was
      unable to reach her, unable to help her deal with the dark hole she
      found herself in, despite all the reading, and experts I consulted.
      It was a long journey through that dark tunnel with her - but now
      she is a happy 24 year old - still having bouts of mild depression,
      but able to identify the problems early and able to keep herself out
      of darkness. It was a path that included depression drugs - which
      only made her worse. Long story.. won't go into details.

      It was because of her troubles that I had my experience - I was
      desperate for help and completely surrendered to spirit for the
      answer, since no human being, however well trained or educated, had
      any answers for her or me. I, too, was absorbed by the light, no
      voices or beings in my experience - only a sense of love, peace and
      joy beyond all possibilities in this earthy experience. I
      immediately 'knew' all truth , all answers were revealed to me and I
      was breathing in this love and truth - I was a part of it.
      Unfortunately, most of those answers were immediately gone after the
      experience was over - all except the absolute knowledge that we are
      all spirits capable of such love and compassion that could heal all
      troubles in the world. I know, beyond any doubt, that everything in
      this earthly world is for a purpose, that nothing can harm us, for
      we are spirits that will shed this body and live in that love
      forever, for it is our true home.

      Love heals all. The only true 'wounds' in the world are emotional,
      and from those emotional wounds (cause and effect) come physical and
      mental wounds that can debilitate us and cause our physical death.
      Physical death is inevitable. I doubt that the body is a work of
      spirit because it lacks an eternal nature. That which is eternal is
      of God, in my opinion. Our true life is in spirit - so in truth, we
      cannot be harmed. That is why I am fascinated by the Gita - for it
      expresses these thoughts in such a beautiful way. Gnostic works
      also express these thoughts, and I am intrigued to study them.

      Truth is available to us personally, too - it is not limited to
      people who lived 2000 years ago. We forget that and pour over
      volumes written in words foreign to us, having a difficult time to
      understand what was meant - when we have the ability to go within to
      contact that spirit ourselves and get the message first-hand.
      Surrender - complete surrender, is necessary, and few of us will
      give up that free will to find the ultimate Truth.

      We can argue about the meaning of ancient texts, but having the
      first hand experience is beyond words and has such a deep impact
      that one is forever changed.

      I look forward to that moment of death - I have no fear of it at
      all. But it is not a morbid wish, for I have much work to do here
      first. I have 4 daughers, 3 still living with me. I also work with
      youth groups - just returned from a camp I directed for 100 kids
      from kindergarten through high school. That is my work - giving
      them and their parents a sense of compassion and caring that we are
      all in this world together to find the love and express it. I must
      admit that I have a frustration with most established religions
      becasue I believe they miss the point entirely. So I work outside
      church groups, teaching through nature, asking all to challenge
      themselves to respect one another's feelings, strengths and
      weaknesses, respecting one another's opinions, and supporting one
      another through it all. It is through this, I believe, that one can
      find personal gnosis.

      I, myself, had to let go of the feeling of responsibility for my
      depressed daughter, helping her as I could, but knowing I could not
      help her unless she accepted the knowledge for herself. It took
      years. I simply loved her through the process, making her realize
      that my love would remain strong, no matter what she did or said to
      me or anyone else. I believed in her ability to get well -
      eventually, she did too. Once she accepted that responsibility for
      her own wellness, she began to get better.

      Thanks for sharing your experience too.


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      > >
      > > I am new to this post,and have not yet had the time to review
      > > previous postings. However, I am interested in communicating
      > > others who have had any kind of religious or ecstatic
      > I
      > > am interested in comparing notes. Mine occurred a little more
      > > 8 years ago and since then I have been "devouring" all kinds of
      > > reading material concerning gnosis, out of body experiences, and
      > > spirituality. My travels have taken me through all types of
      > > Christianity (my Catholic upbrining), through the Bahgavad Gita,
      > The
      > > Course in Miracles, The Urantia Book, Bishop Spong, Bart
      > > books, Robert Monroe's tapes, The Gospel of the Essenes, The
      > > Agreements, Edgar Casey readings, Reiki training, Merkaba
      > > all types of conspiracy theories, as well as alien theories...
      > > list could go on and on.
      > >
      > > Obviously, some have been more valuable than others - I tend to
      > > resonate towards the more academic - although what I experienced
      > can
      > > not be found in any textbook. My experience was beyond the
      > > reasonable, was life changing - so my interest in finding others
      > > this situation is serious.
      > >
      > > Barbara
      > >
      > Hi, Barbara
      > I am a mother of two that had a life-changing experience when I
      > at a very dark time in my life and was suicidal. I was visted by
      > divine being. There was no speech or speaking, but only someone
      > stroking my hair. I looked up and saw a being of light that
      > such unconditional love that I have never been the same, you might
      > say, and for the good. Then I was alone, but felt as though I had
      > been bathed in light and all self desruction and pain and anger
      > evaporated like the morning dew. I already had copies of the
      > of Thomas and the Apoch. of John and began to gobble up everything
      > could find. I am still on the path, and always looking for others
      > like spirit.
      > Love and Peas
      > Darkchylde
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