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Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis takles the accurate, Gnostic accounts of Genesis.

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  • miguelconner
    Professor Stevan Davies, `Author of `The Secret Book of John, A Gnostic Gospel & `The Gospel of Thomas & Christian Wisdom will be joining me on the `Coffee,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2006
      Professor Stevan Davies, `Author of `The Secret Book of John, A
      Gnostic Gospel' & `The Gospel of Thomas & Christian Wisdom' will be
      joining me on the `Coffee, Cigarettes, & Gnosis' this Sunday, May 28,
      at 3 PM EST/5 PM CST/6 PM EST at freethoughtmedia.com. Just click the
      `now playing' button under the banner. Among the topics discussed in
      the third show of the introductory series, `Exiting The Matrix', will be:

      --The origins of the cosmos. In other words, the pre-Creation Creation.
      --The Gospel of Thomas and how it stacks up to the Canon and
      Gnosticism itself.
      --The usual weekly revelation on The Gospel of Judas.
      --The possibility and likelihood that early Gnosticism and Syrian
      mysticism influenced Eastern religions, and not the other way around
      as we have been taught.
      --Why Gnosticism is here to stay and what to do about it.

      And much more.

      I will be in the Freethoughtmedia.com chat room if you want to join
      me. It's really a blast; you'll encounter all stripes and colors of
      people and their beliefs.

      The first two shows, including interviews with Dr. Robert M. Price and
      Stephan Hoeller, are available for download at Freethoughtmedia.com.
      There are also excerpts of the show, which you can find at my profile
      at Freethoughtmedia.com. Please visit my webpage,
      `thegodabovegod.com' for more information.

      Thank you for your support, and I hope to have many of you on `Coffee,
      Cigarettes & Gnosis' in the future.

      Next week Margaret Starbird, author of `The Woman of the Alabaster
      Jar' joins us we finally face the first and main Gnostic Apostle: Mary

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