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Re: Abraxas

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    Hey Mr Natural ... http://altreligion.about.com/library/glossary/symbols/bldefsabraxas.h tm
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2006
      Hey Mr Natural

      >>>I found a link that connects the Templars and Abraxas.

      Wow, thanks for all your work in trying to find more on this subject
      and keeping us up to date. Very honorable.

      There is a problem still. This source doesn't give ANY quotation for
      where it got this supposed Templar connection. Anyone could write an
      internet article like this.

      There are some false "facts" on this page. For instance some of the
      literary sources it lists are completely modern. Some of the
      equations it lists (such "the Celtic Belenus") simply doesn't exist
      in the historical sources. There are also highly questionable
      assurtions, such as whether this image really started with
      Basilides. AND, it doesn't even mention the fact that the surviving
      sources don't agree with the heresiological sources in the usage of
      the word "Abrasax" (and between the two this article picks the more
      questionable heresiological sources).

      To put it another way, this article is as historically accurate as
      Dan Brown. I don't mean that to sound argumentative, just that I
      think we need to be a bit more careful. I am sceptical since I know
      these two subjects relatively well (well enough to know that this
      author makes some serious mistakes), but I have NEVER come across
      this in any historical text. So, if we want to accept a Templar
      connection to Abraxas I think we need an actual historical source. I
      have to admit that I have doubts there is one... but again, I am
      open to the possibility.

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