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  • Steve
    ... being ... worldly ... Hi jana. The whole Thomas thing is very interesting. The Gospel of Thomas speaks of Judas Didymus Thomas . The Gospel of John speaks
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 14, 2006
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      > wrote:
      > > A ransom is a price paid in
      > > order to free a prisoner, captive or hostage. The question then
      > is:
      > > To whom is the price being paid? I suggest that the price is
      > > paid to the World Ruler, of which the Roman Empire and all
      > > systems of oppression and dominance are a manifestation and tool.
      > But
      > > Jesus cheats the World Rulers, for they are only able to kill the
      > > fleshly garment that the Christ wears. They cannot kill the
      > Christ,
      > > who is released to return to the Fullness of Light. This is why
      > Jesus
      > > needs Judas
      > Oh, the whole ransom thing. Well, that makes sense.
      > >(who, I suspect, is the same Judas who is called Twin)
      > I thought Thomas was called the Twin--could you point me in the
      > right direction, Steve? Thanks, your explanation is helpful. I
      > kept thinking of the character of Judas as unnecessary dramatic
      > writing. ;)
      Hi jana. The whole Thomas thing is very interesting. The Gospel of
      Thomas speaks of "Judas Didymus Thomas". The Gospel of John speaks
      of "Thomas, who is called Didymus". 'Thomas' is not actually a proper
      name. It is Syrian Aramaic for "Twin". Didymus is Greek, also
      for "Twin". It makes no sense to say that there was a disciple
      named "Twin who is called Twin". According to the Gospel of Thomas,
      Thomas' actual name was Judas. I suggest that there were many stories
      passed around by word of mouth before being written down in the
      documents of the various Jesus traditions. I think that originally
      the characters of "Judas, who is called Twin" and Judas who hands
      Jesus over were the same person, but later became separate
      characters. Speaking metaphorically, Judas represents the lower
      material self who offers up the higher spiritual self (Jesus) and is
      thereby enlightened. He is the "Twin" not in a literal sense but in
      the metaphorical sense of each person's lower material self having an
      Angelic Twin in the celestial realms represented by a star. Plato
      mentions this. And of course, when we realize our true natures, we
      become the twin brothers and sisters of Christ. -Steve W.
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