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  • abdul wahab
    ... That is all fine and dandy, but I think you underestimate the people here. It is relatively easy to think you can judge one s intellectual ability via
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      That is all fine and dandy, but I think you underestimate the people
      here. It is relatively easy to think you can judge one's
      intellectual ability via extended conversation (first impressions
      can be false even there), but anyone who thinks they can tell the
      spiritual abilities based on contrast to those intellectual persuits
      demonstrates some misconceptions (both spiritual and intellectual).

      It is an ESSENTIAL concept of Gnostic thought, that the spiritual
      experience and the philosophical comprehension are enmeshed, if
      taken rightly they are mixed into one... they are the rightful
      bridegroom and bride. Which ever starting point you come from, one
      is not a "Gnostic" until they have both. That much you sem to agree
      with, but the valuation jump you then make is unwarented. The
      spiritual experience of the Bride, Sophia, is a fallen lie without
      her bridegroom. And the waiting bridegroom, Logos, is lonely and
      hollow without his love.

      What I mean is, you may be able to start from either of two
      points... experience or intellect.... but Gnosis is, by definition,
      a conjunction of both of these.

      Don't be so sure you know the background of any author here, even if
      on the surface we may deal a bit more with the historical. I will
      await the challenge to see if you know mine.

      William James found difficulties in placing the right framework in his conclusive study, seeing the realities he was facing and standing between the two mainstreams, empirical individuals (based on confessions) and religious phylosophers (liberal thinkers or scriptualists). Individual experience is very personal so that no languange can serve as a complete instrument to communicate this kind of experience.
      The will to achieve spiritual enlightenment--thus, the pointed goal of gnosis--can be started either from the excercise of intellect or through "true" faith. The end-result is one, true comprehesion or divine union or whatever you name it.
      The Gosples of Gnostics teach us not underestimate anyone, but our own ego. Predicate of the true gnosis cannot be achieved through defending egotism. Intellectualism also constitutes the stumbling block to gnosis. Intellectualism perhaps is very important, but in its early stages; later on it must be left behind. But it will be usefull again when we try to explain what we were going through.

      My warmest regards
      Abdul Wahab

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