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Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: anger, hatred and ignorance

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  • David
    ... Greetings PMCV, Why do I feel like I m being asked to stick my finger into this hole and trust that no matter what I say, it will not be bitten off?
    Message 1 of 71 , Aug 23, 2005
      On 8/18/05, pmcvflag <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hey all, I have been gone so I am just catching up on all the
      interesting ocnversation.

      David, you state....

      >>"I have followed this thread and it occurs to me that the emotions of
      the subject are all based in fear. Fear IMHO is the result of
      disconnection from that which is Divine -- e.g . Love. For if one is
      in connection with "All-That-Is" then there is nothing to fear."<<<

      I am always in support of love, but I was especially interested in
      something Steve touched on, and the implications it could have in
      contradestinction to the way you present it here. It seemed to me that
      what you present is love as a a devine attribute, or a sort of primary
      aspect of what you called "All-That-Is". In contrast, it seemed to me
      that Steve waspresenting love as more of a byproduct, or result, of
      some sort of connection to the divine.

      The reason I find this difference so interesting, is that while on the
      surface it seems subtle, in fact it could imply profound differences
      in some of the deepest spiritual understandings. One that stands out
      specifically is cosmology.

      Let me illustrate what I mean; Steve's outline leave something open on
      the top end... though it does not deny the value of love, or
      compassion, it does seem to imply that it is the absolute culmination

      Whether or not my observation of this conversation is accurate, it
      raises one specific question for me that I would be interested to hear
      your views on, David. My qeustion is, how do you view the Gnostic idea
      of the thing that is beyond "All-That-Is"?

      Greetings PMCV,
      Why do I feel like I'm being asked to "stick my finger into this hole" and trust that no matter what I say, it will not be bitten off?  <<LMAO>>
      Although I joined this list to learn about Gnosticism, and have begun to fathom some of its central beliefs, the more I read the slippier the eel becomes.  Since it has been stated by some of the self-admitted "old heads" on this list that there are different expressions of Gnosticism -- and that there seems to be inherent contradictions among them -- the more I read the less I understand.
      Thoughts and beliefs and iconic personae are presented and discussed, only to be countered, often, by niggling, snipping and nattering.  Not complaining ... some of the exchanges are amusing ... however I am behind in the reading of some of the pithier posts due to sifting through the chitchat.  Ultimately it seems inconsequential since whatever view I would express, it is bound to conflict with some other members' understanding of Ganoticism.
      All that said, and to your question, AND if I have comprehended ANYTHING through my presence here, what is superlative to the loving "All-That-Is" that I discussed would be the primary creation which is "The Void" -- or in a sense "the realm of pure potentiality."  As I have read many of your, and George's, posts, I have had an intuitive perception that "we're all bozos on this bus" (homage to Firesign Theater) -- and that whatever spiritual understanding I might think I have doesn't exist beyond the space between my ears.  The "All-that-is" is the perceivable subset of that realm of pure potentiality.  It is beyond perception.  That "All-That-Is" is what I think you are calling the demiurge.
      I now don my asbestos vest and await the firestorm that will surely forge of me a stronger sword. :)

      Humble Blessings,
    • George Harvey
      Hi PMCV, LOL! It makes no difference. My failure to understand that you were joking still makes it a falure to communicate ;-) George ... joke ... can ... it
      Message 71 of 71 , Sep 9, 2005
        Hi PMCV,
        LOL! It makes no difference. My failure to understand that you were
        joking still makes it a falure to communicate ;-)


        --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Hey George
        > >>>Hi PMCV,
        > Another failure to communicate. ;-)<<<
        > Naw, I actually got your meaning... I simply played with it a bit
        > because I thought the part you made as a sort of side comment was
        > actually really on the mark in spite of the fact it was not your
        > direct meaning. Againk, I was too subtle for my own good, and the
        > did not come through.
        > >>>I am quite comfortable here. I just usually don't have anything
        > relevant to add to the conversation. Y'all cover it quite well.<<<
        > Well, then we shall have to not do such a good job so that others
        > get a word in *lol* ;) (yes, I am doing it yet again even though
        it is
        > ill advised)
        > PMCV
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