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  • Gerry
    ... Now Jana, unless you re aiming the hose at your neighbors bedroom windows, they have no cause to be annoyed with your watering schedule. Early morning is
    Message 1 of 39 , Jul 4, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "janahooks" <janahooks@y...>
      > Gerry, you seem pretty awake to me.:) Schedule changes are
      > murder. I try to keep mine intact in my off-time to lessen the
      > shock when I go back to school. (I'm the annoying neighbor who
      > waters the garden at 6:30am in the summer.)

      Now Jana, unless you're aiming the hose at your neighbors' bedroom
      windows, they have no cause to be annoyed with your watering
      schedule. Early morning is the proper time for that, generally
      speaking, so hold your head high and irrigate to your heart's content.

      I, on the other hand, am the one who is probably talked about for
      having the most unkempt garden in the neighborhood. With so little
      time to get our there anymore, even the wild blackberry stragglers I
      left a few months ago are being choked out now by more noxious
      weeds. It's sights like that that almost make you *hope* for a

      > Understood. I think I was concerned that if I didn't straighten
      > out what "death" meant in these passages, I might misunderstand
      > something else. IOW, the red flag went up. I'm so glad you pulled
      > out this passage from GOP. When I first read the NH last year (and
      > I mean the whole thing really fast, mouth gaping) this is one of
      > passages that stood out in my mind. Odd, I can recognize the meat
      > of the Word, but I feel like I'm missing my canine teeth. ;) What's
      > that passage about being dismayed, then amazed, then...? My goal
      > this summer is to move out of the dismayed stage. (Really, Gerry,
      > my post is the one that is hard to follow here. I'm blaming it on
      > the heat.:)

      Oh, it HAS been oppressive lately, and the humidity makes it all the
      worse. If we had to live with the temps that PMCV does, we would
      have been braised in our own juices by now. Not too pleasant at all.

      As we were discussing the meaning of "death" in those Gnostic
      passages, and how it can take on different meanings (even in various
      metaphorical contexts), I'm reminded of a question I asked some time
      ago about "Gnostic Bibles." Part of my curiosity was from mention in
      _The Gnostic Paul_ of how Valentinian exegetes read a distinct
      difference between words like "God" and "Father," even where they
      occur in the same passage (or, perhaps, especially so!). Seems like
      I've even seen versions where both "THEOS" and "PATÊR" were rendered
      as "Lord" in English, which does nothing but further a mainstream
      interpretation. I was really hoping to find a Bible, in translation,
      that would preserve such subtle differences, but it looks like the
      only way to get close enough to the original is to stick with the
      original languages.

      Anyway, when we can read through the commentaries of those early
      Gnostics and appreciate how the perspective and focus can shift back
      and forth in a given line, it can make it all the more difficult (but
      crucial) to keep in mind which audience the writers were addressing
      in a particular text, i.e., to which of our natures they were

    • Mike Leavitt
      Hello pmcvflag ... At least we can t accuse him of ego inflation. :-) Regards -- Mike Leavitt ac998_@_lafn._org remove - s
      Message 39 of 39 , Jul 28, 2005
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        Hello pmcvflag

        On 07/25/05, you wrote:

        > Gerry is overly humble. Let me state for the record that I have
        > taken his observations over people who actually technically
        > ARE "linguists" by trade.
        > PMCV
        > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Gerry" <gerryhsp@y...> wrote:
        >> --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "marinas_snake"
        >> <marinas_snake@y...> wrote:
        >>> Gerry, are you a linguist?
        >>> Marina
        >> A Linguist? No, Marina. I was raised a Methodist.
        >> Well, I was going to extend my facetious abuse of that term to a
        >> long
        >> spiel on glossolalia, but even as waggish as I feel at the moment,
        >> it
        >> is actually my fatigue that is winning out. Let me just admit
        >> that I
        >> do have a peculiar interest (i.e., geeky fascination) when it
        >> comes
        >> to languages. Nothing of a professional nature though.
        >> Gerry

        At least we can't accuse him of ego inflation. :-)

        Mike Leavitt ac998_@_lafn._org remove -'s
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