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Re: Gnostic Sources on the Boob Tube?

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Hello Gerry ... I think you see it right. Me sees pigs poking in amongst the pearls. Regards -- Mike Leavitt ac998@lafn.org
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
      Hello Gerry

      On 05/01/05, you wrote:

      > Here's something peculiar that came up when I was researching a
      > Gnostic topic a while back. I was kind of shocked by what turned up,
      > enough so to waste an evening trying to investigate it further. Mind
      > you, I've never watched _Gilmore Girls_, although I think highly of
      > Lauren Graham (and she's a helluva Poker player!). At any rate, my
      > initial search had yielded a 4th-season episode of this series that
      > was titled "Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels."
      > Hmmm. Had mention of our traditional Gnostic texts made its way into
      > a sitcom? Or was this simply another instance, like Prada's new
      > perfume, of Gnostic references gratuitously making their way into
      > popular culture . . . completely devoid of their original context? I
      > was curious, but the various sites with episode synopses that I had
      > visited revealed no insights. I tried to look for possible "Gnostic"
      > connections with both the director and the scriptwriter. I finally
      > had to read through a transcript of the dialogue to discover the
      > reference [using your browser's FIND feature there, type "speaker"
      > and go directly to the section in question]:
      > http://koti.mbnet.fi/gilmoreg/Jaksot/kasikirjoitukset/k4.13.htm
      > Rather disappointing, innit. The whole thing was material for a
      > joke, and I reckon it shouldn't surprise us that when it comes to
      > such seemingly "obscure" texts, most people simply "don't get it."
      > Anyhow, whenever I look at other people's evaluations on the Web of
      > such direct allusions in modern media to traditional sources, I
      > notice a very varied sampling of opinions. I guess the view that I
      > find most difficult to reconcile is that even though there is often
      > no apparent recognition of the actual significance of the material
      > by the parties appropriating it (and certainly NO effort made to
      > educate the targeted consumer), some Gnostic sympathizers appear to
      > be just fine with it anyway. I'm wondering if anyone can help me
      > understand how "mainstreaming" Gnosticism in such a way would be at
      > all beneficial . . . or desirable? Can we actually count a virtually
      > subliminal citation of Gnostic texts, especially when done in such
      > flippant fashion, as increasing the awareness of Gnosticism in the
      > public eye?
      > The analogy of pearls and swine comes to mind, but I'm wondering if
      > others see it differently.
      > Gerry

      I think you see it right. Me sees pigs poking in amongst the pearls.

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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