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Re: Pursuit of gnosis (SALVATION in gnosticism)

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    Hey Nick, that is exactly the kind of treatment I had hoped to elicit. I thought I would add a little to your observations with the interesting treatment we
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 3, 2005
      Hey Nick, that is exactly the kind of treatment I had hoped to
      elicit. I thought I would add a little to your observations with the
      interesting treatment we see in Philip, where it is even more
      explicit in stateing that we can actually move up in the levels....

      "A Gentile does not die, for he has never lived in order that he may
      die. He who has believed in the truth has found life, and this one
      is in danger of dying, for he is alive. Since Christ came, the world
      has been created, the cities adorned, the dead carried out. When we
      were Hebrews, we were orphans and had only our mother, but when we
      became Christians, we had both father and mother."

      In dealing with the sort of code lingo, I want to anticipate a
      question from Gich on this one (as well as anyone else here who may
      not be familiar with this). Here is the code for this passage...

      Gentile = Hylic
      Hebrew = Psychic
      Christian = Pneumatic.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Nick Lawrance"
      > ...........................................
      > Thanks for the welcome: From my understanding of Gnosticism the
      debate whether anyone could achieve Gnosis varied sustanticialy.
      Some believed that hylics had no possible chance of Gnosis. The
      psychics were in a better position but would need the help of the
      pneumatics. Some categories of the Valentians believed these
      categories were not preordained. Jesus parable of the 'Sower and the
      Seed'......Gospel of Thomas (9) was used as an example. They
      believed people could move from one category to another; the lowest
      category of people were dominated by their carnal nature and act
      purely to satisfy personal needs and wants without regard to others.
      Those that remain in the carnal state until death are the seeds that
      fell along the path. They hear Christ message but do not understand
      it thus it has no meaning for them. But even those that do achieve
      some sort of awakening but yet remain in the animate as opposed to
      the sleep state still have not achieved full knowledge. They hear
      the message and understand it but are hesitant by their love for
      this world and love of riches which choke the message. The spiritual
      person no longer has to rely on the testimony of others for they
      have done what was needed and realised the truth itself and united
      with the spiritual element.
      > >>What specific texts do you see reflecting the understanding you
      > I personally think the 'Gospel of Truth' indicates that it is
      possible for anyone to achieve gnosis if they put in the work:
      > "Speak concerning the truth to those who seek it and of knowledge
      to those who, in their error, have committed sin. Make sure-footed
      those who stumble and stretch forth your hands to the sick. Nourish
      the hungry and set at ease those who are troubled. Foster men who
      love. Raise up and awaken those who sleep."
      > Or again 'Thomas (3)':" .....When you know yourselves, then you
      will become known, and you will know that you are the sons of the
      living Father. But if will not know yourselves, then you dwell in
      poverty, and you are that poverty. "
      > Nick
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