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Recommendations II

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    hi Gich... sounds good to me. thanks. Crispin ________________________________________________________________ Hey Crispin. Harris JG, Gnosticism: Beliefs and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2005
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      hi Gich... sounds good to me.  thanks.

      Hey Crispin.

      Harris JG, Gnosticism: Beliefs and Practices, Sussex Academic press 1999.

      This book is very impressive. It is written by an academic with no political or religious axe to grind and each passage contains numerous references to a vast bibliography. It makes me think of a dissertation: there is an introduction and conclusion and EVERYTHING (so far as I can tell) about gnosticism is considered [history, literature, beliefs and practices, orthodoxy, heresy and the gospels]. I don't know much about Harris, but from the name I conclude that he must be a Welshman. The blurb on the book states: John Glyndwr Harris, former head of Religious Studies at Gwent [a university in Wales (Gich) ], is the author of books on World religions, Notes on the Gospels, and the Qumrân Commentary on Habakkuk .... and inside the book it states that 'Christian Theology: The Spiritual Tradition' is in preparation


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