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Re: Sethians

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  • hermetic_star
    Hmm, it s the lady who dropped off the face of the Earth. Nice to hear from you again too... :)
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 15, 2005
      Hmm, it's the lady who dropped off the face of the Earth. Nice to hear
      from you again too... :)

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      > > Hi Karl,
      > It's good to read your heady insights again. When I think about Seth
      > and Sethian Gnosticism I think of just a derivation on Christian
      > Gnosticism....Seth being substituted for Jesus. They were both (first
      > century) baptism sects. Meaning that baptism was a way of bestowing
      > or inviting gnosis for both beginning sects. They both believed that
      > Seth and Jesus were embued with grace,christ,logos...whatever at the
      > time of baptism. So much alike are they that you wonder how much of
      > the Jesus mythos was taken from the already Sethian work in progress.
      > This said...I really don't feel I know enough to make helpful
      > comments. But here is a question....Some say the Sophian mythos
      > started with Sethian Gnosticism...do you know what gospel, or what
      > writing, this connection comes from?
      > Sorry that I don't know enough to banter better...lol.
      > Thanks
      > Anne Marie
      > > Hey all, hope the holiday season has been going well. We usually
      > > slow down in here quite a bit at this time of year, but there is a
      > > subject that I would like to bring up for the group.
      > >
      > > It seems to me that we almost never talk about Sethian Gnosticism
      > in
      > > here. In some of my recent posts I have observed this leaning
      > > towards Valentinianism, not only here, but even in a lot of
      > > liturature on the topic. I would like to talk about the groups that
      > > are not so familiar to many people, namely Sethian forms of
      > > Gnosticism.
      > >
      > > A few specific issues I would like to bring up (but feel free to
      > > bring up your own questions comments and observations)....
      > >
      > > 1) There is some debate as to whether Gnosticism is an outgrowth
      > > from Christianity with the Sethians being the farthest swing away
      > > (as A. Logan states), or whether Sethians are an original source
      > and
      > > the Valentinians are more of an attempt to modify it towards
      > > Christianity (as B. Pearson outlines). Any comments?
      > >
      > > 2) The Sethian cosmology is so destinct, and I can't think of any
      > > real direct statements of "This is allegory" the way we see in a
      > > couple Valentinian texts... and there has been some debate as to
      > > whether this IS meant to be allegory or literal (or both). Thoughts?
      > >
      > > 3) I have observed that while Valentinian thought seems the most
      > > popular overall, there is a move by some modern groups that appeal
      > > very much to the counterculture to take the "Sethian" outline as a
      > > social rebelion, or an attack on "xians". Do you think this is an
      > > accurate usage?
      > >
      > > PMCV
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