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Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Salvation

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  • annie
    Mary I think that s exactly what it means, and that s the reason I said I was a marginal when I introduced mysel--along the lines of noncomformity to the
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      I think that's exactly what it means, and that's the reason I said I was a 'marginal' when I introduced mysel--along the lines of noncomformity to the mass doctrine which is more historical.  I never can understand when someone objects to this being 'supernatural'.  Of course it is!  This is Christ we're talking about, not the president!  It supercedes the natural environs of the hylic body.
      love from annie
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      Hi Janahooks       These scriptures have spoken to me and are often ignored
      by the church. i see the Church  as collectve or communitarian where
      everyone must believe the same where Gnosis is more of an individual path
      that is based on inner knowing or revelation through our spirit rather than
      the understanding of others. Communitarianism means conformism but  the
      gnostics were certainly not conformists or would not have  been declared as
      heretics by  the Orthodox Church. Paul also taught in Rom12, "Be not
      conformed to the customs of this world but  be transformed by the renewing
      of our minds."i take this scripture to means we should question all things
      and discern all things for ourselves not based on the beliefs and oppinions 
      of others or the group that could mislead us and letting go of some of our
      old belief system.  I know thi s sounds very radical but Jesus himself was
      not a conformist. anything but. He was the anti establishment of his times
      In  Collossians 1 Paul taught there is both the message of the Gospel and
      the mystery of the gospel. The  mystery of the Gospel is Christ in you the
      hope of glory. i wonder if Paul may have been refering to Gnosis? Isn't for
      us to seek the mystery of the Gospel which may mean the mystical Christ
      rather than the Hiistorical Jesus.     Mary

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    • pmcvflag
      Aleada ... and Elaine Pagels, Gnostic Gospel but mostly from experiencing personal Gnosis which I m sorry to say is being separated from this discussion or
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        >>>With this background and also having read Freke and Gandy's books
        and Elaine Pagels, Gnostic Gospel but mostly from experiencing
        personal Gnosis which I'm sorry to say is being separated from this
        discussion or seems to be discounted.<<<

        It isn't that your personal definition of the word "Gnosis" is
        discounted here, just that it isn't the definition of the
        word "Gnosis" that this forum uses.

        >>>Freke and Gandy explain the experience of Gnosis as more than can
        be written, it must be experienced, it is that knowledge or knowing
        beyond intellect that cannot contain the totality to Gnosis.<<<

        Freke and Gandy also claim that this definition of the word "Gnosis"
        is the one used by the traditional Gnostics... but I should point
        out that Freke and Gandy are mistaken. We are a bit more technical

        >>>You are all so intelligent but you miss the mark if you think you
        will "get it" from all your books and reading, get quiet and get in
        touch with the God with in and you may start to have Gnosis.<<<

        You misunderstand, Aleada, no body suggested that your idea
        of "Gnosis" is something that would be found in a book, but you need
        to also understand the historical meaning of the word "Gnosis" and
        not only the modern definition you get from people like Freke and

        >>>>Whatever the culture it's all the same God or Great Spirit,
        whatever; the experience of Gnosis is the same, look at the mystics
        and refer to Barbara's experience and you will see what it is to
        have Gnosis.<<<

        No, that is what it means to have a mystical experience..... not
        Gnosis. They are not the same thing.

        Why do you feel that we must use your definition of the
        word "Gnosis" rather than the one this forum was designed to deal
        with? It isn't that I disagree with the importance of the experience
        you are talking about, it is just that we don't call that
        experience "Gnosis" here.

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