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Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Hello. I'm new here.

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  • annie
    They call it the tetragrammaton, or something like that, I forget the exact spelling. It s the Hebrew name for what most people know as Jehovah , and lately
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      They call it the tetragrammaton, or something like that, I forget the exact spelling.  It's the Hebrew name for what most people know as 'Jehovah', and lately I see it made into 'Yahweh'.  Hebrew doesn't have vowels in the same sense the english language does.  The Jewish people wrote the name like that so as not to disrespect him by calling him by name, or perhaps 'invoking' him, whatever the reason, it was a no-no.  But there's countless names which the Jews use for him, Elohim, El Shaddai, just to name two of the root words.  It's very involved.
      In the bible, when you see LORD in all caps, it should indicate the original texts said YHVH. 
      That points out another discrepancy between the OT and NT's gods, (which are what you figured them to be) because I have read many times in the Nag Hammadi and other apocryphal texts that, according to the Savior, Christ  ( Jesus to me), and several other voices, no one's seen G-d's face, or knows G-d's name, there is no way we can conceive of him.  I can't remember if it's in the canonized bible, off hand.
      I have never been able to conceive of his image, and when I was small I pondered on that quite a bit.   Just recently, I've began to concieve all of everything, 'creation', the surrounding 'where we are' --which I imagine we are truly in the darkest and deepest place in existence, not be grim :o( BTW--is part of that entity, but not in a conscious manner, maybe, as it would drive any other being stark raving mad immediately to be the essence of creation, wouldn't it?  All except for G-d.  That's the idea of G-d that I have, so much power and ineffableness that nothing could drive G-d mad.  Unless we think of that force as Abraxas, which from the little I've read, is already mad.
      I read the 'Seven Sermons to the Dead' by Basil Ides, which was the first I'd encountered that word in use.  I'd heard it but not known what it was.
      Has anyone else read that?  What else is written about Abraxas?
      love from annie
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      >Hi, CS and Annie. Pneumen posted a link a little while ago that you
      >might find interesting in case you missed it:
      >This offers a good summary of various Gnostic variations of Genesis
      >stories with links to scripture you can read in more detail.

      >Also, for any more newcomers, don't forget Gerry's recent
      >(For source material, i.e. Gnostic scriptures, in addition to Bentley
      >Layton's well-annotated _The Gnostic Scriptures_ that Gerry mentions,
      >I'd also suggest James M. Robinson's _The Nag Hammadi Library_.)


      Thanks Cari, I think I will visit those links, but I hope no one
      minds if I continue to ask questions in between readings. =)

      Annie, I think reading the Bible with two dieties in mind would be

      Also, what does YHVH mean? OT means Old Testament & NT means New
      Testamnet, yes?


    • sahms2
      Hi Cari, A quick reply to your post... Thank you for your words of encouragement! I m very glad to be in this group and feel better about staying here. Some
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        Hi Cari,

        A quick reply to your post...

        Thank you for your words of encouragement! I'm very glad to be in
        this group and feel better about staying here. Some members have made
        me feel welcome, however I wasn't sure about others. Now that you and
        PMCV have explained things (which I had't thought about) I will
        continue to ask questions, without feeling a little awkward. =)

        you said:
        ["You are right that a foundation is most important, and sometimes in
        order to answer your questions, we might need to first take a few
        steps back to ensure that there is understanding regarding material
        used to answer them. So, sometimes reading materials are suggested
        or other times, basic assumptions are challenged (for instance, those
        that might be a result of preconceptions learned from your previous
        religious influences)."]

        Yes, I agree!! BTW, the suggested reading material has been very
        helpful, although I'm still trying to digest it all. =)

        you said:
        ["Don't worry if your lines of discussion are different from others.
        There are bound to be silent members reading out there who might very
        well relate to you and possibly be encouraged to even drop in and
        write a post of support. Who knows."]

        Good point. This is one of the things I hadn't thought about.

        you said:
        ["In any case, it disheartens me to see your self-deprecation here.
        So, ask away. So far, I've seen lots of responses to your posts. :-)"]

        PMCV and you have helped clear the air. Now, I do feel confident
        knowing where I stand. And, yes there have been LOTS of (awesome)
        replies to my posts.

        Be on the look out for me (and my questions). =)

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