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  • Mike Leavitt
    Jul 31, 2004
      Hello janahooks

      On 07/31/04, you wrote:

      >> > Logion 114, _The Gospel According to Thomas_:
      >> >
      >> > Simon Peter said to them, "Mary should leave us, for females are
      > not
      >>> worthy of life." Jesus said, "See, I am going to attract her to
      > make
      >>> her male so that she too might become a living spirit that
      > resembles
      >> > you males. For every female (element) that makes itself male will
      >> > enter the kingdom of heavens." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      >> This passage has always been difficult to me. On the one hand it
      >> seems to affirm the superiority of the male to the female, yet also
      >> affirm the ability of the female to become like the male and become
      >> equal. Another passage talks about making the male and the female
      >> into a single one. This may be what this is all about, spiritual
      >> integration. I believe ~elements~ is an interpolation, it was not
      > in
      >> the text as I originally read it. I think it is a culture bound
      >> passage and is bowing to the male dominated culture of its time,
      >> yet also defying it.
      > Hi, Mike. I'm still very new to these scriptures, so I have a hard
      > time going back and finding passages when I want. This passage
      > bugged me when I first read it, but in another place I read other
      > references to males/females that seemed to use "male" as
      > representing something that is "full" and "female" as something
      > empty, or needing to be filled. (Seems like the passage had
      > something to do with a warning against being filled with the wrong
      > stuff.) Am I grasping at straws here? jana

      Your interpretation seems sound enough, but I don't remember that
      passage (means nothing). :-)

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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