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    Jul 22, 2004
      Hey Sampo

      You state....

      >>>"My story actually had a story behind it. Group of
      students asked from teatcher: How would they know what philopsophies
      to study. Guru gave them above story and advice: If the answer to
      question is "No" you should move on... but if the
      answer is "Yes", you should definetly study that
      philosophy more. Too bad i have lost the orginal source and cannot
      pinpoint the origins of this story"<<<

      Maybe we should question what this Guru says for a moment. Let me
      show you something using your own story......

      "Long time ago a herd of wolves atacked a family and killed them all
      except a small baby girl. The leader female felt sorry for that girl
      and decided to save her. Girl was raised among wolves, she never learn
      to speak or read. Girl lived and hunted whit the herd and eventually
      she died. Is it possible that the girl had a good understanding of
      nuclear physics?"

      Look at that last line, it is the only thing I changed. Would this
      guru suggest there is no value in science since the wolves don't
      communicate it to her? We could talk about whether wolves have the
      understanding level to express such things, but it really doesn't get
      us anywhere.

      Understand here, Sampo, "Gnosis" is not exactly the same as that
      thing most people call "enlightenment". Enlightenment is a western
      word meant to partly outline an Eastern religious ideal.

      Lastly, you state...

      >>>"But i have to give more thought to your idea about the
      fact that one needs to climb those three steps in able to reach
      gnosis... What i thought of was more in line whit (Romans 9:11-24),
      destiny so to speak. Dunno't know if such thing even exist in

      Concerning destiny in Gnostic thought, we have had a number of
      discussions in here concerning it. Perhaps that should be a seperate
      topic though.

      With your first point though, we should deal with it now I think
      since it seems related to your question. As you read the Gnostic
      texts, keep the notion of initiation in mind and it will jump out at
      you. Maybe start with the Gospel of Philip, and think of
      this.... "Gentile" = hylic, "Hebrew" = psychic, and "Christian" =
      Pneumatic. The author of the Gospel of Philip talks about going from
      one to the other in order, first Gentile, then Hebrew, then
      Christian... this is the kind of code language you will see in
      Gnostic texts.

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