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  • Pekka Virtanen
    Jul 20, 2004

      >Hey, Sampo, if you find a copy of the Nag Hammadi
      library in Finnish,
      >could you send me the ISBN number for it? I may want
      a copy.

      local bookshop didn't have a copy so i ordered one. I
      have the ISP number but name is: "Nag Hammadin
      k�tketty viisaus:
      gnostilaisia ja muita varhaiskristillisi� tekstej�"

      >As for the question concerning Gnosis, consider this;
      there are three
      >levels of conciousness according to Gnosticism. These
      levels are
      >called Hylic, Psychic, and Pneumatic. The hylic level
      is one of
      >instinct and natural drive. The psychic level is one
      of rationalism
      >of emotional drives, and basic thinking. The last
      one, the pneumatic,
      >is a level of spiritual understanding (that I believe
      is meant to
      >also include a higher logical intellect, but is not
      directly equated
      >with that intellect... but you may find some debate
      here on that one).

      This dividing people to three gategories is
      interesting. I have
      seen similar things in other religions / philosophies
      as well.
      Anyway i seem to see those more like this:

      1. peple who have a gnosis
      2. people who has a change to have gnosis
      3. people who never have it

      But i have to give more thought to your idea about the
      fact that one needs
      to climb those three steps in able to reach gnosis...
      What i thought of
      was more in line whit (Romans 9:11-24), destiny so to
      speak. Dunno't
      know if such thing even exist in gnosticism.

      My story actually had a story behind it. Group of
      students asked from teatcher:
      How would they know what philopsophies to study. Guru
      gave them above story and
      advice: If the answer to question is "No" you should
      move on... but if the
      answer is "Yes", you should definetly study that
      philosophy more. Too bad i
      have lost the orginal source and cannot pinpoint the
      origins of this story :(

      I am glad that gnosticism answer is at least
      "possibly" :). The "No" answer
      usually meens that one have to follow this and this
      dogma in order to have

      Personally i don't have a opinion about animals having
      gnosis, maybe they
      don't need one. Maybe they are just perfect as they


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