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9499Re: In your heart or in the sky?

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  • lady_caritas
    May 9 8:42 AM
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Dan & Renee" <kiseek@i...> wrote:
      > Hello folks.
      > I have often wondered why, if being a christian means to accept
      > jesus into your heart, are you taught to pray to him as if he is in
      > the sky. I realize there is this whole thing about jesus ascending
      > to heaven to be at the right hand of the father, but that still
      > not answer my question. If you ask jesus to come into your heart
      > then you should look inside for all the answers ... right?
      > Thank you for your time,
      > Dan

      Hi, Dan. My aim is not at all to trivialize recent conversation, but
      I have to admit that with recent discussion about up and down,
      ascension and descension, inside and outside and now the right hand,
      I'm reminded of the dance, the hokey-pokey.

      For anyone old enough to remember this dance, the verses instructed
      dancers to put various body parts (right hand, left hand, etc.) in
      and out and then shake 'em all about. And then, at the end:

      You put your whole self in,
      You put your whole self out;
      You put your whole self in,
      And you shake it all about.
      You do the Hokey-Pokey,
      And you turn yourself around.
      That's what it's all about.

      Depending how much energy one expended during the dance with all that
      turning about, although most likely not reaching a state of frenzy
      that a whirling Sufi might, one could lose a sense of balance with
      all that twirling. Are we in or out or roundabout?

      And, I'm also reminded of Mike's koan I quoted recently, "The way out
      is in. But, sometimes the way in is from the outside."

      Our temporal consciousness grasps for understanding via the
      referential opposites of our existence. The precaution as I see it
      and how you seem to have expressed it, Dan, is that one need not take
      mythology or allegory absolutely literally. That is when we see
      people believing in literal, existing skygods.

      _The Gospel of Philip_ states, "Just so, in the world human beings
      make gods and bow down to their products: it would be more fitting
      for the gods to worship human beings!"

      Jungians might call this "projecting." So, what are human beings
      projecting, and is that a bad thing? Stephan Hoeller discusses
      Jungian projection a bit in his web lectures on "The Alchemy of Love"
      ( http://gnosis.org/lectures.html ). The psyche involves more than
      our consciousness. There is the unconscious. Jung believed that all
      humans project onto the world and their human relationships. I don't
      want to turn this into a psychological discussion, but the point here
      is that humans are not always aware of the source of their
      expressions. And, the Gnostics, as evidenced in their writings,
      heartily promoted self-acquaintance. I believe this self-
      acquaintance can take many levels, hylic, psychic, and pneumatic.
      The process of Gnosis might involve a deliberate peeling away of
      layers of ignorance. And, one of the ways is becoming acquainted
      with ourselves and sources of our motivations.

      We have seen discussed already the technique of meditation. Hoeller,
      in his lecture, describes a difference between Eastern and Western
      methods. He believes that meditation has a place regarding
      introspection, but that expansion and growth of consciousness,
      energizing meaningful living, is accomplished by way of projection of
      our unconscious.

      Projections not understood can sometimes be dangerous, for instance
      when we project our shadow onto other humans who become "the enemy."
      Our world history is replete with the disastrous consequences of such
      unawareness. But, attempting to *understand* our projections helps
      toward unification with our own hidden nature. IOW, what do these
      skygods represent? Do we come to an impasse by not recognizing
      projections, by revering our psychic gods and hypostatizing our
      demons instead of learning about ourselves from them?

      The ancient Gnostics knew that "truth did not come to the world
      nakedly; rather, it came in prototypes and images: the world will not
      accept it in any other form." (GPh) Their mythologies are replete
      with elaborate imagery, and they take the time to differentiate
      between projections of psychic images and incorruptible pneumatic
      truth. I suppose that higher intuitive element that PMCV talks about
      comes into play in recognizing the difference.

      The way out is in. But, sometimes the way in is from the outside.

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