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9496Re: In your heart or in the sky?

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  • Mike Leavitt
    May 7, 2004
      Hello All,

      Before you scan the gnosis.org site and freak out, yes there was a
      fire at out church in Hollywood, and as the pictures there so
      graphically show it is an old building now beyond repair. We have
      temporary quarters in the Hollywood Theosophical Society -- Besant
      Lodge, a grand old building we have used before (I was ordained
      there), and it would be wonderful for a permanent place except
      parking is absolutely horrible, and it takes forever to get there on
      the bus.

      I have some reason to believe we will find more suitable quarters in
      the near future. We will be back up for Sunday mass, which is
      important because we have not missed on in the last 30 years, maybe
      40. All our church goods (ie. Chalices and Vestments) made it out in
      one piece, and only one set of curtains got water on them, so we are
      blessed that way.

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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