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9378Re: Question Series #1 - Identity and the Divine Spark

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  • elmoreb
    Apr 9, 2004
      The divine spark, in my opinion, is like the Fathers stamp of
      approval. It allows us to take our place in the pleroma where we
      belong, instead of being held in the hylic ( material) world along
      with any hell or heaven manifestations the creator god has cooked
      up. Basically, in orthodox terms, the "divine spark" is the "holy
      spirit." In none of the texts ive read does it mention that your
      individuality is lost at death. Can anyone explain this better? Im
      not very good at explanations.

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "mheinich" <mheinich@y...> wrote:
      > I am a real newbie when it comes to Gnostism. My knowledge is
      > limited to Ehrman, some beginning readings of the Gnostic
      > and the articles on www.gnosis.org. There have been some
      > that have been popping up for me with no apparent answers. I
      > I would share them with you in a series of posts. About one
      > every day or every other day. Some of them may seem to be very
      > simple to you but to me, they leave a hole.
      > Question #1
      > Where is my identity or my "true self" in the "divine spark"?
      > In the orthodox view, it is our souls that are saved and our
      > bodies are left behind. This implies that our mental and
      > identity, our sense of self continues on. I do not see this in
      > desciptions of the spark. This seed of light starts to sound like
      > some sort of etheral organ that once I die, continues on. What
      > me, well, "me" is left behind. If what I am is left behind then
      > is the point? And this may sound like a harsh way of putting it
      > Why should "I" care? The seed may continue on but "I" died along
      > with the physical body.
      > If reincarantion or the destruction of the "divine spark" happens
      > instead of entry into the "All", then how is my "awareness" going
      > know this?
      > It is described like another entity is living inside of me that I
      > suppose to nuture and grow but will eventully replace Me.
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