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9298Re: Digest Number 563 (seminar lowlights)

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  • eyeambetty
    Mar 9, 2004
      Well, Hello to you Floyd!

      floyd wrote:
      > Hi Betty,
      > I hope you won't feel that I am butting into your E-mail
      > with Gerry, but that's exactly what I'm doing. I've been in this
      > about a week now and I want to learn all I can from y'all. I'm
      getting a
      > good amount now as I read your post to Gerry. Y'all must have been
      > this for along time. I hope you won't think me rude for the
      > interruption. I was a Christian until recently, ( less than a
      year ).
      > I'm looking for people like you, who has had more experience than I
      > Well. I've talked enough for now. Y'all take care and be safe.
      > Love, floyd

      i am a newcomer myself, i listened for quite awhile and only recently
      have been participating in discussions. it's certainly not rude to
      join in, gotta start somewhere, eh?
      what has brought you here?

      take care, as well.
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