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9296Re: Digest Number 563 (seminar lowlights)

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  • eyeambetty
    Mar 9, 2004
      Hiya Gerry,

      > I'm not sure what to make of that NPR coverage; our reception down
      > here is pretty spotty, so I usually only catch it when driving to
      > Virginia. Ever since Cari mentioned those print articles and
      > especially since the release of "The Passion," television has been
      > saturated with supposed documentaries and specials. I'm curious
      > you should recall any programs in particular) whether those on the
      > radio impressed you as more of the liberal bias that Stephen
      > mentioned. So far, that Fresh Air interview is the only thing I've
      > heard, and other than his apocalyptic view supposedly supported by
      > Thomas, Ehrman's background is of the mainstream persuasion. I
      > suppose what I'm getting at is that it would be interesting to
      > observe if both traditionally conservative and liberal media are
      > witnessing a conventional Christian revival, even with regards to
      > these non-canonical texts. Could be that orthodoxy makes strange
      > bedfellows.

      alright, you caught me exaggerating a wee bit, shame on me...
      actually besides the Fresh Air interview, there was a panel
      discussion, i think on Talk of the Nation. i also recall another
      Fresh Air interview with a fellow who had just written a book, he was
      talking about Jewish mythology and the Kabbala, unfortunately, i
      rarely get a chance to sit still long enough to hear things at
      length, only little snippets. all this was surrounding "The Passion",
      NPR seemed to be leaning towards voicing the outrage, and profiling
      the types of people whom this film would resonate with, and the
      reasons why. all this against a backdrop of Haitian revolt, Gay
      Marriages, and the jaw-dropping number of catholic priest who have
      molested their congregations children, you know, real people
      suffering and stuggling in the face of adversity, right now.
      i think perhaps the importance or any understanding of the non-
      canonical texts gets lost and swallowed up in the context of these
      media driven soundbites, they are just seen as points of interest to
      add to the bigger story, in this case, as one Jewish theologian put
      it, a catholic snuff film. oohh stop me...

      Gerry wrote:
      Do you think
      > it's some strange coincidence that it opens with a quote from the
      > Gospel of Peter and ends with the Gospel of Thomas? A number of
      > Ehrman's essays seem to focus on those two books, and that was also
      > the same order in which he covered them in person. Bizarre. I
      > I smell a conspiracy brewin' somewhere. ;-)

      or very effective PR.

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