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9284Re: Digest Number 563 (seminar lowlights)

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  • eyeambetty
    Mar 7, 2004
      Hello Mike,

      > Mike wrote:
      > It should be made clear, this was no hidden adjenda for Mead, he was
      > Madam Blavadsky's secretary, and was merely viewing the gnostics
      > unconsciously from a Theosophical world view.

      M. Blavadky's secretary? wow, that is a fascinating bit of
      information. Mike, may i ask, why you say "viewing the gnostics

      > > "The Gnostics were ever changing their nomenclature; the god of
      > > system might even be the devil of another! He who makes a
      > > concordance of names merely, in Gnosticism, may think himself
      > > to escape a lunatic asylum; he, on the contrary, who seeks the
      > > behind the name will often find himself in a realm of great beauty
      > > and harmony of thought. Men like the Gnostics have ever had
      > > intuitions of a real state of being, of definite and precise
      > > of consciousness; yet each has caught a glimpse of the reality, as
      > > all men must so long as they are imprisioned in a body. If the
      > > Gnostics exhausted the philosophy and religion of their time in
      > > striving to find a decent vestment for the naked truth, as they
      > > thought they saw it, who shall blame them? Though they contradict
      > > one another, in the view of the word-hunter, they do not
      > > themselves for the follower of ideas. the idea is the key which
      > > opens the mysteries of the Gnosis, and those who refuse to use
      > > living key must be content to have the treasury closed against
      > > them."

      Mike wrote:
      > Despite this, he had real insight, and the book is valuable, this
      > quote rests my case.

      i completely agree, i am thoroughly enjoying, and devouring the book.
      it has been very helpful in visually outlining, historically, the
      stream of what Mead calls a "Living Tradition".

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