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  • liz dale-rudwick
    Mar 7, 2004
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      Hi Bliss!,

      I too am interested in Kundalini Yoga and felt a reasonance with your post.
      I don't practice Kundalini Yoga but I work with the energy and have been
      looking into local Kundalini classes in my area. You might be interested in
      another Yahoo group I am on called Luciferian_gnosis@yahoogroups.com . There
      are people on the list who are interested in Gnosticism...so there are
      discussions on Gnostic thought and experience aswell as looking at Gnostic
      texts. And recently there was a discussion, started by myself looking at the
      whole conterversal area, of what could be Gnostic. This was coos I'm reading
      Francis Yates who makes links with Hermetica and Gnosticism. It is totally
      up to the list members what they want to discuss. I am also interested in
      Alchemy and that has also been another area of discussion. I am not an
      academic so rarely if at all have posted on this list. I recently have been
      looking into the Gospel of Phillip as my interest is in Lucifer...the
      connections for me with Sophia and Christ....and I love the Thunder:Perfect

      I was very interested in reading your personal practice and the Breath and
      the connection with 'The Fountain of Youth', as I have just been reading
      that in [in an Book on Alchemy called The Emerald Tablet by D Hauck]>
      Hebrew, Arabic and Greek, the word for wind means both ''breath'' and
      ''Spirit''. Thus the Wind carries the cosmic breath of God, the great spirit
      who at the beginning of the world ''moved upon the face of the waters''
      bringing order to the watery world and life to Adam. In the New Testament
      [John 3:8], we find a description of the Wind that captures its archetypal
      nature : '' The Wind Bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound
      thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is
      every one that is born of the Spirit''.

      I would be very interested if anyone knows of any Gnostic text that relates
      to the Breath, Spirit and Wind be it with the creation or the Soul or
      whatever! I will have a look myself also.

      The Brighter the Light the Darker the Shadow

      He set the world aflame,
      And laid me on the same;
      A hundred tongues of fire
      Lapped round my pyre.

      And when the blazing tide
      Engulfed me, and I sighed,
      Upon my mouth in haste
      His hand He placed.


      Message: 1
      Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 18:34:59 -0800 (PST)
      From: Blissful Branches <blissful_branches@...>
      Subject: Re: Thomas, Philip,... acquaintance

      Greetings Cari,

      Just did a quick read through your email, but am looking forward to
      thoroughly re-reading your thoughts including the links relating to the
      Gospels of Philip & Thomas. I also need to read up on the Valentinians,
      which I believe to be another group of Cathars. However, I will have a
      proper email to you shortly. What you wrote definitely "resonates" with me
      a great deal.

      Just a quick note on what I may have taken in, and again I could be off the
      mark completely, but somehow Kundalini Yoga came to mind as I read though
      some of the messages of Thomas & Philip, which discuss self-discovery and
      what we already possess, which in turn, can take us to a level of Higher
      Consciousness. In Kundalini Yoga, I have come to befriend my Spirit/Soul
      and in doing so we meditate on the Word, the Nam. This mantra is known as a
      Bij Mantra/Seed Sound called "Sat Nam," which means "True Identity." Sat
      means Truth and Nam means name or identity. As one begins to say this
      mantra with reverence, one's true self begins to evolve, becoming "one in
      spirit." As the Truth unfolds, one connects with the Divine, where
      Universal answers are revealed to those who chant or pray with reverence.
      PS- It was on the Path of Kundalini where I learned to befriend my
      Soul/Spirit, and where everything we do or say rides on one's breath, which
      I believe is the true elixir of life, or "Fountain of Youth." I think the
      breath is just one of the many gifts that all of us possess, that is already
      within us, yet so many before us, thought to be outside of us.

      Anyway, enough of my blah, blahing Cari. I have my reading cut out for me

      Have a great weekend!

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