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  • Raven Skydancer
    Mar 3, 2004
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      PMCV, Nice to meet you, 'so to speak...' Wink. In answer to your

      We all come from somewhere, from something, so I am proud of where I
      came from...Witchcraft and Shamanism.

      In my Post 9245 (New Member) "After reading your "Description". I
      decided that there was much to be learned here..." So I have come
      here to learn...

      My interests in 'Gnosis' first popped up a few years ago while
      reading "Holy Blood Holy Grail" Coming across the Cathars and the
      Albirgensian Crusade... the last offical Roman Catholic Crusade, that
      lasted some 40 years and devastated the Lanquedoc... wiping out
      practically the whole population of the Cathars and their practice
      of "Gnosis".

      Looking into "The Gnostic Gospels', by Elaine Pagels... One of my
      favorite quotes, "gnosticism is first of all a pre-christian movement
      which had its roots in itself... It is therefore to be understood ...
      in its terms , and not as an offshoot or by-product of the Christian

      My Grandmother, the Witch, taught me Seven Principles based on the
      Hermetic Philosophy and setforth in a book called "The Kybalion"...by
      Three Intiates... You might say I am also a student of Hermeticism...
      (Hermes Trismegistus)...

      "Understanding of Gnosticism,' Yes, you might say I am new to the

      Does this background in Witchcraft and Shamanism somehow makes me an
      undesirable... in your group...

      Your curiosity; "I am curious where you see tradtional 'Gonostic
      Study' fitting into this 'curious mix'?"

      Hummm, let me ask you a question, please; Do you discriminate
      against Witches and Native Americans...in Gnostic studies? Smile. I
      can't understand this strange curiosity, perhaps you feel I am not up
      to your higher intellectual standards due to my heritage... Smile Do
      you have this same curiosity concerning Judo-Chrtistians, Muslims,
      Buddhists... Smile? I feel such an interogation amounts to exacting
      a Chatechism... of sorts...

      Namaste, Sky

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Skydancer
      > Of course your interests in Witchcraft and Shamanism has inritched
      > your life, but I am curious where you see traditional Gnostic study
      > fitting into this curious mix? Perhaps you could tell us a bit
      > what your understanding is of Gnosticism. Are you new to the
      > Or an old battlehand?
      > PMCV
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Raven Skydancer"
      > <skydancer26@y...> wrote:
      > > ...this lifetime and happy to be here. I was born into a Pagan
      > > Family, raised by a maternal Grandfather who was a full blood
      > > Blackfoot Indian and who walked the Path of a Shaman... I lived
      > with
      > > him in the Summertime... My Paternal Grandmother was a seventh
      > > generation Witch of the Celtic discipline, I lived with her in
      > > Winter time... So I grew up thinking I had the best of two
      > > worlds...and I did. Just lucky I guess.
      > >
      > > My Grandfather taught me to "Listen to the Wind... because Spirit
      > > speaks softly from the silence of my own within..." It was a
      > > lesson to me... and I still "Listen."
      > >
      > > My Grand Mother taught me to use all the paraphernalia of
      > > Witchcraft... Then she taught me that the only power in
      > > Paraphernailia... comes from the Power of My own God Self within
      > > me... What can I say? My Magick works for me...
      > >
      > > Namaste, Sky
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