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  • Raven Skydancer
    Feb 29, 2004
      ...this lifetime and happy to be here. I was born into a Pagan
      Family, raised by a maternal Grandfather who was a full blood
      Blackfoot Indian and who walked the Path of a Shaman... I lived with
      him in the Summertime... My Paternal Grandmother was a seventh
      generation Witch of the Celtic discipline, I lived with her in the
      Winter time... So I grew up thinking I had the best of two
      worlds...and I did. Just lucky I guess.

      My Grandfather taught me to "Listen to the Wind... because Spirit
      speaks softly from the silence of my own within..." It was a great
      lesson to me... and I still "Listen."

      My Grand Mother taught me to use all the paraphernalia of
      Witchcraft... Then she taught me that the only power in
      Paraphernailia... comes from the Power of My own God Self within
      me... What can I say? My Magick works for me...

      Namaste, Sky
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