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9238Re: Passion(ate)

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  • Gerry
    Feb 26, 2004
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "wvdog61" <wvdog61@7...> wrote:
      > I just came home from seeing the Passion and I swear that if
      > in the mainstream ever looks at me and accuses Gnostic writings of
      > being imaginative or inventive I'll *throw* this movie at them.
      > Rodney

      Sorry to hear about your experience, Rodney. I can't say, "I told
      you so," but I'll let Cari speak for herself. ;-)

      Seriously, however, since you're still "involved" with a somewhat
      conventional church setting (no matter how liberal you may find it at
      times), you can surely see that from *their* perspective, Gnostic
      texts *are* inventive at best, and downright wicked at worst. This
      is sort of what I was hinting at in previous discussions about

      Even though we may no longer relate personally to an orthodox
      understanding--or simply "not" relate to it if we didn't come from
      that background to begin with--I should think that most of us can
      certainly understand how it meets the needs of so many people.
      However, until *they* have begun to cross that threshold to the
      impersonal, intangible, ineffably Infinite Divinity, they will remain
      incapable of understanding how their limited concepts no longer serve
      us. Just as "sin" no longer holds the same meaning for
      Gnostics, "redemption" also takes on a new face--so to speak;
      possibly face-less, even, but doubtfully as blood-covered a spectacle
      as what you witnessed last night.

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