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9216[Gnosticism2] Gibson (Re: Can everyone be saved by Gnosis?)

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  • Gavin Riggott
    Feb 23, 2004
      > I think if he was
      > going to be accused of hating or firing up the hatered of anything
      > it would be the British. (I mean have you seen his other movies)

      Yes, Braveheart, The Patriot and, my personal favourite, Gandi: Honey I
      Shrunk the Empire. Our non-British members may be suprised to hear that the
      release of Braveheart had serious political consequences. In Scotland, the
      Scottish Nationalist Party experienced a surge in popular support after it
      came out. I doubt Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic any more than he is
      pro-Scottish nationalism, but he does have a tendency to make extreemly
      dramatic movies that fuel peoples' emotions. I do like the sorts of debates
      they create though - I learn many things about Christianity and the Bible
      from arguments and debates between skeptics/atheists and orthodox

      Gavin Riggott
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