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  • jachthondus
    Jan 11, 2004
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      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for your response. Agreeing with what you are saying.
      Not having been brought up with Christianity: What amazes me is how
      busy-busy the later "winning" orthodoxy must have been
      with "bastling" St.Paul's gospel and that of the "Jerusalem-group"
      together to some "unity"...
      AND: That they must have been rather satisfied with the results of
      their "bastle-work", taking into account the succes in the next

      To tell you something: I'm really grateful that I'm reading those
      Letters for the first time.
      And already it's more then clear to me that we are dealing here with
      two totally-different mentalities.


      Have a nice Sunday!


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <stephen@m...> wrote:
      > >About one year ago, and "by accident" I saw myself being confronted
      > >with aspects of orthodox-christian-religion and felt "obliged" in
      > >some way to seriously read the Paulinic-Letters and the Gospels.
      > Jach,
      > Yes, there are few things more shocking to orthodox faith than to
      > read the bible intelegently. No wonder the Catholic church tried
      for so
      > long to only have it read out in Latin so that the congregation
      could not
      > understand it. And of all the books in the bible the most shocking
      is also
      > the earliest - the letters of Paul.
      > It is amusing that that the fundamentalist Christians think so
      highly of
      > Paul. Can they not read? Do they not realise that Paul is talking
      about a
      > religion that is utterly different from theirs? I wonder what they
      make of
      > Paul telling us that the Law has been repealed and that the
      > Christian has complete freedom from judgement? What do they think
      when Paul
      > warns us against the angels, tells us that we should one day judge
      > angels and talks about being baptised for the dead? And then there
      are the
      > mysteries intended only for the perfected or Paul's description of
      > experience of the resurrection as a miscarriage or Paul listing the
      > as a separate group from the apostles. The more you read it, the
      more weird
      > it appears. Except that it's not weird at all - it's just nothing
      like the
      > Christianity we have all been taught.
      > Stephen
      > -----------------------------------------------
      > Was Christianity founded by a woman?
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