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8919Re: "The Lost Gospels"

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  • Gerry
    Jan 7, 2004
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, lady_caritas <no_reply@y...>
      > Gerry, you're probably asking the wrong person because I can
      > a few incidents when I was very young that make me twinge when
      > hearing terms like the "true religion" and "aberrant."
      > Now, surely, my playmate down the street wouldn't have known a term
      > like "aberrant" at her young age, but she certainly didn't mince
      > words when indicating she nonetheless had a clear idea of the
      > behind this term. I wasn't a member of her "true religion" and
      > I also didn't know the catechism, I was going to hell, you see.
      > Yes, those were her words. I was truly straying from what she had
      > been taught was the "true" path.
      > And, I've been doing my darnedest to keep straying from such mean-
      > spirited opinions ever since... ;-)

      And somehow, just when we think we're free from them, they manage to
      track us down for a little renewed torment. Yeah, it's a bitch,

      Your story reminds me of something that happened at work a few years
      ago. A sixteen-year-old girl who was working with us that summer
      told a young friend of mine that he was going to hell because he
      didn't go to church anymore. Geez, the fresh mouths of youngsters
      today! Anyway, after Ben (only 3½ years her senior) got over his
      initial mortification, I further consoled him by pointing out that
      the girl's father, who manages to find other things to do on a
      Sunday, has been told the same thing by his daughter. I suppose one
      has to admire that nepotism doesn't get in the way of her being an
      equal-opportunity offender. ;-)

      > It's very possible that Dr. Ehrman was speaking only contextually
      > from what would be an orthodox viewpoint in particular instances,
      > it would be helpful to clarify this to avoid confusion. Since we
      > him later addressing this particular word, "aberrant," perhaps
      > someone did bring this to his attention or perhaps he even caught
      > this himself. Nonetheless, in the same work _Lost Scriptures_, you
      > mentioned earlier that he equated "heresy" with "false belief."
      > Hopefully, in the future he'll continue to shed light on the
      > of a few questionable terms.
      > On the whole though, you seem to *not* find his writing showing
      > a "penchant for the conventional Christian view." I'll be
      > to see what your impressions are when you have a chance to hear Dr.
      > Ehrman in person at the upcoming seminar.
      > Cari

      Not only "possible," but I'd say that Ehrman was most definitely
      speaking "contextually" in the above example. It was merely the
      wording of that "context" that I found to be occasionally awkward,
      and potentially misleading.

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