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8874Amazing Grace

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  • Stephen
    Dec 19, 2003
      >Amazing grace--how sweet the sound
      >That saved a wretch like me!
      >I once was lost, but now am found,
      >Was bound but now I'm free.


      I was catching up on my e-mail last night in my office just before leaving
      for home and came upon this beautiful thread about the hymn Amazing Grace.
      As I walked to my car and then drove the short distance to home I hummed the
      hymn to myself and thought about the meaning of those words - "I once was
      lost, but now am found" and "Was bound but now I'm free". They seemed to
      sum up the experience of the spirit - the sheer joy of our freedom, the joy
      that wells up from the fountain within.

      As soon as I walked through the door at home I was greeted excitedly by my
      four year old daughter. "Daddy! Daddy! Look what I got from the party!".
      She showed me her present from her nursery Christmas party, a slim book with
      the picture of a black girl on the front. The title of the book was
      "Amazing Grace".


      Was Christianity founded by a woman?
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