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8392Re: Cathars & Basque / ritual

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Oct 4, 2003
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      Hello lady_caritas

      On 04-Oct-03, you wrote:

      > Yes, the intent and focus make a lot of difference. Paul's mention
      > of "creed" reminded me of an incident. Apologies if I have already
      > relayed this story. Many years ago I heard a minister recount a
      > conversation with one of his parishioners who was refraining from
      > joining in the congregational reading of various creeds (Apostles',
      > Nicene, etc.) during the worship service because he didn't believe
      > in everything contained in them. The pastor recommended he just
      > recite them anyway and that they would become a part of him. Oh,
      > brother. So, this would be a suggestion of conscious focusing of
      > someone *else's* intentions. Do we see borderline brainwashing?
      > I don't feel that gnosis can be taught or forced, although certainly
      > ritual can be an aid for some, part of the experiential process.
      > Likely a recognition beginning the process of gnosis could occur
      > regardless of any formal practice if the individual is ready.

      Actually both you and the minister had it right. Repetition is one of
      the keys to how ritual works, so not only your intention is critical,
      but so is the content of the ritual, because it can help you
      internalize gnosis or orthodoxy. BTW, if you can ever find it on
      line somewhere, C. W. Leadbetter's THE CHRISTIAN CREED, is excellent.
      OP for years. He contends, in essence, it is one long Zen Koan, and
      was originally a meditation exercise, not a creed. I never felt so
      bad about it after reading that book. :-)

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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