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  • Mangum Murdock
    Oct 1, 2003
      If I understand you correctly this 'club' has established certain definitions of gnosticism and corresponding historical sects for discussion. In otherwords there are heretics among potential subscribers. I understand. Please accept my apologies for seeking information from the wrong group.

      pmcvflag <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hello Magnum... let me jump in on this one.

      As a scientific minded person, I am betting you will find the club's
      definition of the term "Gnosticism" to be quite concice. It is true
      that there are a lot of definitions floating around out there, but
      few of them have much to do with academic usages.... this club uses a
      slightly softened version of the Messina colloquium's springboard.

      Gnosticism being one of a number of late antiquities groups who's
      cosmogeny (emanationist/biblical demiurgy), anthropogeny (with the
      entrapment of the spirit), and soteriology (internal recognition of
      the connection to the "Bythos" or apophatic source) are related, as
      well as thier cultural/philosophical backdrop (neoplatonism in the
      semitic or biblical syncratic venue)

      In this club then, when we say "Gnosticism" we are talking about a
      number of historical sects from the late antiquities, but we do
      extend that also (for the sake of the club's purpose) to the modern
      Neognostics who feel themselves drawn by these traditional "Gnostics".

      I would point out that it is generally scholastic concensus that the
      Cathars are not Gnostic because thier soteriology is divergent (which
      is the same reason many academicians also now exclude Manichaeans and
      Marcionism, etc..). I know there are modern writers who repeat the
      equation still with the Cathars (such as T. Churton recently in his
      companion to the BPS series on Gnosticism, and the medievalist that
      magusadeptus recently mentioned, William Eamon, niether of which are
      specialists in the field), but most of them are simply not up to date
      on the critical evaluation of the movement.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Mangum Murdock
      <mangummurdock@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > It appears that we have a slightly different opinion on the
      definition of Gnosticism probably based on the multitude of
      historians/writers who define these various religious sects. I am a
      science oriented person so in order to gain information from you
      folks I need to know the most simplist definition of Gnosticism you
      have.  The following is mine subject to change....

      > "the personal revelation that leads the soul to perfection through
      the knowledge of God"

      >   Mangum
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