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  • pmcvflag
    Sep 29, 2003
      Well, Magusadeptus, you may need to clarify for us. I have heard the
      name applied to Bogimils, but I don't get the impression that this is
      what you are talking about. I know that Epihpanius talks about two
      different groups by that name (which he tries to draw together in
      some way I can't remember... but that sounds typical), but I guess
      niether of those groups are who you are talking about.

      In any event, I am aware of no medieval groups that I would say are
      technically "Gnostic" (with the possible exception of the Mandaeans,
      but the jury is still out on that one), and I am really not familiar
      with any Messalians besides the several different groups I already
      mentioned. Maybe some of the other founders here know something, or
      one of our many very knowledgable members can help.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Magusadeptus" <nwheeler@m...>
      > Hello PMCV,
      > I decided to join your group. I am constantly encountering various
      > gnostic groups in my reading and finding it increasingly difficult
      > sort through the numerous contradictions, as well as, the enmity
      > toward heretical sects that is often present in articles on
      > I was wondering what could you tell me of the medieval Messalians?
      > searches yielded plenty regarding the earlier sect mentioned by
      > Epiphanius, but almost nothing concerning these 11th century
      > Sincerely,
      > Magusadeptus
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