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8312Re: Hello I'm new here

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  • apx0n
    Sep 16, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Rodney Cecil" <wvdog61@7...>
      > Hello Josh,
      > I know this is way behind and a very late greeting but I
      > would like to extend a welcome from another "newbie". I'm
      > always playing catch-up with the list.
      > Like you my primary interest would probably be more in
      > Valentinus and his "school". When you first introduced
      > yourself I thought of several sources to point you to, but
      > it seems like everyone else has done a more than adequate
      > job of this. However I would recommend Clement of
      > Alexandria and his pupil Origen. They interacted constantly
      > with the Valentinians and quoted from them at length.
      > Rodney

      Thanks Rodney,

      I'm interested in Origen and Clement, especially because I've been
      given such confused explanations of what should be
      considered 'origenism' as opposed to Origen's own work and
      intentions. Is there a survey of his thought that you would
      recommend? In particular, I'm looking for a text that compares his
      teaching with that of his contemporaries in the Catechitical school
      of Alexandria, and highlights how he was influenced by Valentinianism.

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