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8303Re: Text formatting [Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Spanish mystics]

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  • David Gallardo
    Sep 14, 2003
      I'd like to make one last point about line breaks when cutting and
      paste text into email from a text editor like Notepad.

      One of the problems is that the lines of text in email usually get
      split at a certain length by either your email program, the email
      server or the recipient's email program. This length might be 60
      characters, for example. If your text is already broken into lines
      that are longer than this, the text will end up getting badly
      formatted. Say you break at 80 characters. The resulting text will
      have lines that are alternately 60 characters long 20 characters long
      after being mauled in transit.

      There are two ways to prevent this: One way is to break your lines so
      they're shorter than what any email program likes--e.g. 50
      characters. This is most appropriate for text that you want to
      explicitly format; e.g. poetry, programming code, tables of

      The other way is to make sure you don't have any line breaks in your
      text (except at the end of paragraphs, of course.) This way the email
      software will reformat it automatically in a (hopefully) consistent

      Text editors like Notepad usually have an option to let you see the
      text with word wrap off; you can switch to this setting to see where
      your text has line breaks and edit them out or add them, as
      appropriate. Sometimes changing the width of the window with word
      wrap on, so that the text re-flows, can help you see what it going on


      At 10:45 AM -0700 9/14/03, Mike Leavitt wrote:
      >David's point about Notepad is a good one, it is a texteditor, not a
      >Wordprocessor, and they tend to hold their format in an email better
      >than a Wordprocessor, even when you save out the file as text only.

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