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8301OT: Text formatting [Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Spanish mystics]

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  • Gerry
    Sep 13, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, David Gallardo <david@g...> wrote:
      > I often have to cut & paste plain text without formatting from
      > applications into Word and vice versa. One somewhat tedious but
      > fail-safe way is to first cut & paste into Notepad, then cut &
      > from there into the final application. Except for very short
      > passages, this extra step is still easier and less error-prone than
      > re-typing the passage.
      > Some applications, such as Word, have a "Paste special" option that
      > will let you paste as unformatted text but even this can cause
      > problems. I forget specifically why, but this doesn't work
      > for me in Word.
      > Occasionally pasting quotes into email probably doesn't qualify,
      > if you find yourself doing this often, there are utilities that can
      > help with this process. I just use the Notepad-as-a-filter approach.
      > @D
      > At 12:47 PM -0700 9/13/03, Mike Leavitt wrote:
      > Hello Gerry
      > >[...]
      > > > There's a lot more I'd like to get to, but I really need to
      head off
      > >> to work. Sorry about the wide line breaks that will undoubtedly
      > >> up, but after Yahoo revised our HTML formatting, I haven't
      > > > out how best to transfer something from MS Word into an e-mail.
      > >[...]
      > >You might just try writing in MS Express itself, it couldn't look
      > >worse. Use the text only option, and you will have a better idea
      > >what things look like at the other end. My emailer reformated your
      > >text, as usual, a mixed blessing.
      > >

      Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I obviously have a lot of
      tinkering to do before I figure what works best, and just have to
      realize that with all the browser and e-mail application variables
      out there, nothing will be foolproof with regards to how it shows up
      on the other end. I tend to use the e-mail option mostly when I'm
      trying to preserve different formatting in my post simply so as not
      to spoil block quotes with a bunch of underscores and asterisks. I
      guess we just make what we can of this impersonal medium and hope for
      the best, huh. ;-)

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