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8292Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Stories

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  • Rodney Cecil
    Sep 13, 2003
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      Nice to hear from you Mike.

      I think its interesting that you mention "Orthodox
      Oddly enough I'm beginning to think that my previous
      experience, bad as it turned out to be, is going to serve
      as a real asset instead of a liability. I think my past is
      also a reason why I've been so attracted to the
      Valentinians. It's like stepping into a very familiar mold
      that is filled with entirely different contents. I also
      think it explains my interest in the various Gnostic
      Churches (Ecclesia Gnostica, the L'eglse Gnostique
      Apostolique, etc.).
      I would love to write so much more but I don't have a
      computer of my own and am at the local library. My kids are
      with me and have been very patient with their dad but I
      think they're ready to strangle me, so I've gotta run!

      Peace Mike!

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