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  • Rodney Cecil
    Sep 13, 2003
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      On Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:27:22 -0000
      pmcvflag <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hello PMCV,

      Thanks so much for your response.

      >>Oh yes, sorry Rodney, I don't think anyone meant to
      ignore you.<<

      Not a problem; trust me. I felt hesitant about posting
      because of the very lively and interesting discussion that
      was taking place and didn't want to appear to be intrusive.


      A term much used by and very dear to my grandmother when I
      was growing up!!

      During my most ardent phase of adherence to "the faith once
      delivered to the saints" I came across Irenaeus' tome
      against the Gnositics. I tried to read it to hone my
      anti-heretic apologetics but kept getting this enormous
      knot on my forehead from falling asleep and striking my
      head against the table as I tried to wade through it. A
      couple days and several knots later I hung it up. From time
      to time I would come across brief mentions of Gnosis and
      Gnostics in works of systematic theology and biblical
      commentaries and gathered that they were bad, bad, bad.
      Other than that, I knew next to nothing about them. When I
      finally felt the freedom to explore things outside the
      accepted belief system I re-encountered Gnositcism and
      almost literally, a light came on.
      Like you, my work has been and continues to be both
      "internal and external". I've always had a rather studious
      bent, so broad reading and research come rather naturally
      which has eased the exoteric work. However the esoteric has
      been a little more difficult but no less rewarding for all

      PMCV, you mention the Carpocratians. I think that's funny.
      Are you making the joke because they were often associated
      with a more libertine attitude? If you watch my own life I
      think you would say that there are times where
      "Carpocratian" would describe me fairly well.
      It seems that very little concrete information exists
      concerning them. Could you point me to previous posts or
      related materials that try to explore them a little more

      Thanks again,


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