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  • Rodney Cecil
    Sep 13, 2003

      Thanks for telling me about your journey. As far as I know
      there aren't any Gnostics (at least none that I'm aware of)
      in this area so its really great to be able to converse
      with others with similar interests and sort of "compare
      notes" as it were.
      It has been entirely through personal study that I've drawn
      the conclusions regarding Gnosis I now have.

      >I'm curious. You mention how bitter you were about
      orthodoxy. Were you brought up in a very conservative
      environment by any chance?<

      I live in southern West Virginia and the entire culture is
      conservative, so church life and home life were like mirror
      images of one another so far as values were concerned. I
      was raised by my grandparents who weren't really
      "churchgoers" but the same values inhered nonetheless.
      However I really believe that the "disconnect" between
      Theology and Experience in my own life was entirely due to
      Orthodoxy itself and not just to my particular
      environmental setting. I've really lightened up on the
      "bitterness" thing by the way, and am now quite
      grateful for all that has happened in the past. It was just
      that I felt betrayed by the "promise" of orthodoxy and the
      attendant results that I felt that failure produced in my
      After a long, long absence from all things spiritual I've
      done what at one time would have been the unthinkable for
      me: I've become a member of the Episcopal Church. The
      particular parish I'm a part of is about as far left
      theologically and politcally as you can get, but *what*
      they are
      far left of is orthodoxy. This is, in a very real sense,
      defines them and other Episcopalians who are left of the
      spectrum, e.g. Marcus Borg (The God We Never Knew), and
      Bishop Jack Spong (Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism).
      I haven't spoken to my parish priest yet about my Gnostic
      inclinations but have no doubt that he will welcome the
      whole idea, which is part of the reason why I love these
      folks so much.

      Have a great day Lady!

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