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  • Gerry
    Sep 12, 2003
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "apx0n" <apx0n@y...> wrote:
      > I'm new to the group, but it appears lively, informed, and I look
      > forward to reading along. I'm sure there've been posts addressing
      > what I'm about to ask, but I was wondering if anyone might sum up
      > the group sets bounds for what is 'gnostic' - or at least, in-
      > for the group's purposes?
      > Personally, I'm most interested in Valentinus and gnostic writers
      > that draw on John and Paul. I became interested in gnosticism in
      > college, after hearing a lecture by Elaine Pagels. I am an
      > Catholic, but enjoy reading Rumi and grew up in a Jewish home with
      > hippie parents :) explain that one
      > Hope to gain much from you all.
      > Josh

      Your background is probably not so different from others here as you
      may think, Josh.

      As for my own religious experience, it was very minimally as a
      Methodist. I gave up on attending church early on in my youth and
      tried it again several times as an adult, but simply always found
      something lacking in the God that was being portrayed compared with
      what I felt inside. The sacraments felt empty and the general focus

      For as much as we tend to discount the popular "literature" of
      the "Holy BloodÂ…" types here, it was actually through such books that
      I first became familiar with such groups as the Cathars and
      Manichaeans. Suddenly, something was starting to resonate with me.
      The more I followed research back to traditional Gnosticism, the
      more "at home" I felt.

      When I finally took my exploration to the Internet, it didn't take
      long to encounter the same site that Cari already credited
      (www.gnosis.org), and I knew I was hooked. Having previously waded
      through many sites which had purloined Gnostic concepts and which
      asked money for books on this subject and that, what tickled me most
      about the Ecclesia Gnostica was not only that the information was
      simply "out" there, but that it didn't even deposit cookies in my PC
      (yeah, sometimes I tend to sweat the small stuff, but it can also be
      the little things that really appeal to me).

      All this was at a time when I was really just getting used to the
      Internet (2 computers ago), and it took me a while before I realized
      there might be "communities" of likeminded people already out there.
      Sure enough, I ended up here long before our host even offered
      a "Gnosticism" category, and while I am quick to bemoan the
      shortcomings of Yahoo, it is, after all, a free service, and it has
      been of immense benefit to me personally. In this instance, I guess
      I'd have to say that I got waaaaaay more than I paid for!

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