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8283Hello I'm new here

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  • apx0n
    Sep 11, 2003
      I'm new to the group, but it appears lively, informed, and I look
      forward to reading along. I'm sure there've been posts addressing
      what I'm about to ask, but I was wondering if anyone might sum up how
      the group sets bounds for what is 'gnostic' - or at least, in-bounds
      for the group's purposes?

      Personally, I'm most interested in Valentinus and gnostic writers
      that draw on John and Paul. I became interested in gnosticism in
      college, after hearing a lecture by Elaine Pagels. I am an observant
      Catholic, but enjoy reading Rumi and grew up in a Jewish home with ex-
      hippie parents :) explain that one

      Hope to gain much from you all.

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