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8179Re: jesus incarnation?

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  • pmcvflag
    Aug 25 6:30 PM

      >>>without any of the expert gnostics in here describing to me, let
      me see if i understand the important concept of Gnosis. From what
      i've understood it means realizing the "spirit" inside of us, the
      divine light manifest from the Heavenly Creator that was given to us
      despite the Demiurge creating the material cosmos......it is not
      going by what the church fathers created putting faith above

      Well, sort of. You could say that it is also partly the specific
      context for the recognition of ones spirit as a splinter of that
      source. Perhaps what you offered is good enough for us to start
      working with though. Add to what you said though, the realization
      that it is not a "Heavenly Creator". That source of our spirit is not
      a "God" as it is commonly understood.

      >>>What i'm not too sure of though is that of the Gnostic texts in
      general, were the authors actually inspired by God?<<<<

      That is something you will have to figure out for yourself Sarutobi.
      However, I should state again, so there is no confusion, the Gnostic
      concept of "God" is very different from that which most people are
      used to. Therefore, if you mean "inspired by God" in the way most
      Christians use that term... it is a meaningless question to a Gnostic.

      >>>and are the texts from jesus' saints? i hope they didnt just make
      it all up and say it was from personal gnosis, i've heard both sides
      to this story in some gnostic books......Gnosticism is a divinely
      revealed religion right? i do have the Nag Hammadi library with me so
      any texts i should read most importantly?<<<

      It seems to me that you are still thinking of this in very literal
      terms, Sarutobi. I also get the impression that you are quite young.
      Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I am thinking perhaps there
      are some concepts concerning mythology that you are not familiar
      with. It is important to understand that to some extent Jesus and his
      saints are also made up. The point of mythology is not that it
      actually happened that way. Just like Jason did not REALLY find a
      golden fleece, Jesus did not REALLY walk out across the water. Does
      that mean the stories are lies? No, in fact the stories are true....
      just not in the way most people think.

      If you go reading your Nag Hammadi books, and you think that Adam was
      literally flopping around on the ground while the Demiurge tried to
      mold him... and that Sophia turned into a tree to excape the Archons,
      you will be missing the whole point of the story.
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