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8172Re: jesus incarnation?

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    Aug 25, 2003
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      Sarutobi, now we have completely gone off the deep end. Are you
      interested in Gnosticism?



      of course i know about Asherah and the ancient Canaanite culture, i
      was even a devoted priest at one time ;) (if u wanna call it
      that)......But thats Canaanite culture, a paganized version of
      Abrahamic Faith, that only leads me to believe Yahweh worship was
      truelly ancient, even on different levels, As i studied the cultures
      more, i found many other interesting things. Moses didnt know much
      of Canaanite culture and religion, or Yahweh for that matter, plus
      how could he have received such different messages from Yahweh in
      Egypt so far away from any priests in Canaan? He wasnt even able to
      be a prophet for he was weak and could do nothing, but Yahweh
      changed all that! God encouraged him and raised him to be the
      greatest prophet whoever lived according to Judaism, before the
      encounter with God he wasnt much of anything, just a good-hearted
      older man, but God knew better. Could it not be just a re-
      affirmation of the old Hebrew faith? Canaanite pre-hebrew traditions
      are true, but its questionable as to how it came about as well, it
      has much more parrallels to Sumerian/Babylonian culture than it does
      to Judaism. There is evidence of the Abrahamic faith apart from
      Canaanite Paganism, and that they were two totally diff.

      I'm not trying to prove anything, every writing script
      supposedly "ancient" in this modern age is most probable to be a
      perverted aspect of original writings, we all know that, or should
      know, but the Jewish Tradition has a saying in response to this: "it
      doesnt matter if our path is exactly as it once was or not, or what
      others say is true or not, the main teachings are still there and
      always will be, it only matters that we believe its true and follow
      our path to God."
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