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8159Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: jesus incarnation?

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  • Penndragon
    Aug 23, 2003
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      MM Sarutobi496

      Gnosticism itself doesn't degrade the Jewish God. However many Gnostics have
      come to see him as the Demiurgus which in my eyes is a misinterpretation of
      the message. They've taken a passage which is about he blind following of
      the law as it were and interpreted it as an evil god. The Gnostic texts have
      YHWH protrayed not as an Evil Creator, rather as one who mistakenly thought
      he was the creator and got reprimanded (called blind) for pronouncing
      himself as such.


      The Universe is in each person in such a way that each person is in it; and
      so every person in the Universe is the Universe.

      Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa

      > well my path has been anything but eclectic lol, i've been a
      > conservative Vishnu devotee (a hindu tradition of devotion) for a
      > long time, and now i feel compelled towards a different way of life,
      > i have moved on to various traditions but none as of yet has felt
      > like the "right" one. but now i've come to Gnosticism, i've read
      > much about it, i understand it pretty well, but its the truth i'm
      > really seeking that will give me purpose to believe and follow........
      > One thing i've always disliked about Gnosticism is its degradation of
      > Judaism and the Jewish God......that is something i totally disagree
      > with, in the Gnostic gospels Yahweh is portrayed as the demiurge, a
      > minor creator god of evil, i however have been involved with Judaism
      > and its a beautiful loving religion from a loving God who is anything
      > but evil.......
      > I do however like everything else about Gnosticism, but the Jewish
      > religion and its God being degraded is very difficult to accept,
      > Yahweh being a God i've looked up to for guidance many times....
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Hello Sarutobi, welcome to the club.
      > >
      > > So, it seems your path is rather ecclectic. Perhaps it would help
      > if
      > > you told us what you have read so far.... concerning Gnosticism,
      > that
      > > is.
      > >
      > > To answer your question; no, the traditional Gnostics did not see
      > > Jesus as one and the same as the Prime Source (which is what I
      > assume
      > > you mean by the "Highest Heavenly Father", though your phrase could
      > > be used quite differently in Gnosticism).
      > >
      > > If you do in fact "understand everything quickly", as you say, you
      > > will be the first person I have ever met to do so. I don't think
      > that
      > > your background in "Druidism" is likely to help much, but who
      > knows.
      > > Your choice to study Gnosticism, though, should be an interesting
      > > ride. To get a better picture of Gnostic thought, you may wish to
      > > read the Nag Hammadi Library.
      > >
      > > PMCV
      > >
      > > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, sarutobi496 <no_reply@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > > hi i'm pretty much new here, and to gnosticism, but learning
      > pretty
      > > > fast since i've come from various mystical backgrounds
      > > > (druidism/hinduism) so i'll be sure to understand everything
      > > quickly,
      > > > i want to follow this path without any misunderstandings
      > > > too.........so my question is, did the gnostics see jesus as God-
      > > > incarnate? this of course reffering to the Highest Heavenly
      > Father
      > > > attributed in the gnostic texts, and Mary Magdelene, was she also
      > > > divine? (maybe Sophia incarnate as i have heard?)
      > > >
      > > > From what i've understood so far, jesus is either the God
      > > incarnate,
      > > > or a heavenly god incarnated from the first heaven of the
      > > > Father.....like one of His divine sons.....i dont believe he was
      > > > merely human, but i'm not attributing anything from what orthadox
      > > > churches say ;)
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