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8158Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: jesus incarnation?

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  • Penndragon
    Aug 23, 2003
      MM PMCV

      And then there's the ole how have I interpreted what I've read bit. Many
      factors contribute to how we understand something. Oft times we interepret
      in a way which we want to interpret rather than what was intended to be


      The Universe is in each person in such a way that each person is in it; and
      so every person in the Universe is the Universe.

      Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa

      > Sarutobi
      > You state....
      > "i've read much about it, i understand it pretty well, but its the
      > truth i'm really seeking that will give me purpose to believe and
      > follow"
      > The question here becomes, not whether you have read enough about
      > Gnosticism, but whether what you read has been accurate. If you are
      > looking to "believe and follow" you have come to the wrong place.
      > There are some very important reasons that the cosmology is the way
      > it is in Gnosticism, and if you find it "difficult to accept" then
      > the very notion of needing to simply believe it shows that perhaps
      > you don't understand Gnosticism as well as you keep telling us you
      > do. Not to offend you, just to point out that I think you are viewing
      > Gnosticism in exactly the terms that the whole point of Gnosticism
      > meant to over-ride.
      > You say you have "looked up" for guidance, the point here is to look
      > in a completely different direction for guidance. To start with
      > though, it is important that you have a concept of the MEANING of the
      > myths we are talking about. They are allegories, and I believe
      > perhaps you have not understood thier point as well as you believe
      > you have.
      > This, of course, is a seperate topic.
      > PMCV
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